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How to Retire on Elrond (EGLD) By 2030

The ability to retire early and become financially free is what most people want in life. The cryptocurrency market is an emerging market with many investment opportunities. Some have huge potential and I believe that Elrond (EGLD) is one of those cryptos with potential as 2030 approaches. Directly staking Elrond (EGLD) tokens to the network can allow you to build passive income stream that will help you retire early by 2030.

This video breaks down everything you need to know about Elrond (EGLD) as a retirement asset. This video breaks down the Elrond (EGLD) supply structure, how many EGLD tokens you’ll need in the future, future price predictions, and general Elrond information.

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The video is broken down into:
0:00 Introduction
1:01 Elrond Supply Structure
3:06 Retirement Living Expenses
3:45 Model 1 EGLD/ETH
4:55 Model 2 EGLD/BTC
5:48 Model 3 Traditional Payment Services
6:54 Unlimited Retirement
9:37 Cryptocurrency Market Future

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  1. My predictions 2021 will be around 2000$ a coin, 2025 10k$ a coin and 2029 25k-30k $, model 3 closest to reality

  2. Great video and very original idea. Love it.
    One thing you should keep in mind for your calculations is that if they buy/stake now, they’ll earn more eGLD and therefore in 2030 end up with far more than the amount eGLD needed for your goals.

  3. The max supply of Elrond’s EGLD tokens is 31.4 million. In the video I stated a typo of 34.4 million tokens. Cheers!

  4. Liking this video series.. Here’s what I’m gonna do.. I’ll take all the large cap alts you feature and put the most bullish optimistic scenario worth in all of them over the next two years. One of these 5-6 promising L1s has to get there 😂

  5. In my opinion EGLD will have a much higher market share from ETH since it’s a ethereum competitor which looks to and already does everything better then ethereum. There should be no reason for people to build on eth compared to egld, which is way faster, way cheaper and scales way better

  6. Congrats for the video, Thomas! Really good analysis and interesting predictions! Unique is for sure the right word to describe the Elrond project. Besides the value growth, it will revolutionise the financial world, so happy to witness this kind of change. Congrats for putting Elrond in the right light, while being objective! 🚀🚀 Elrond 🥇

  7. Elrond is going to help a lot of people retire early. According to Wesley Kress’s fundamental analysis, he believes EGLD will be worth at least $60K in 2025. So if that happens, you will not need a lot of EGLD to retire comfortably.

  8. Whit Maiar Dex 10k$ invetment in egld&mex pair end farming 4 doble APY you by retaier in 1 o 2 yers

  9. How do you only have 1k subs? Easely the quality of a 50k+ channel. Keep it up you’ll get there

  10. Guys so have any idea what dose it means 31M to 4Bn marketcap?????!!! Do u own research and u will be shocked

  11. If you study the distribution of supply it will not reach the 34.4M because of the tokenomics.

  12. Lucky for me I live in a place where the ratio is $1 = 50 on our local currency.

  13. What you haven’t accounted for is that by 2030, $2,500/mo is definitely not going to cover expenses in the USA. Make that more like $3,000 or $3500 due to inflation.

  14. Dude, this is really a million dollar information that is available for free. People will be foolish if they dont make use of this information, ofcourse keeping control on their risk capacity. Keep it up.

  15. I really feel this company has predicted what the future will be like in 10 years better than most crypto companies

  16. Egld is not a token, it has its own blockchain making it a coin. You are supposed to be teaching people.

  17. Slow down man! Nobody is chasing you. It’s impossible for an English beginner to listen. 😱

  18. bro 2500$ are not enough in Romania, i pretty much doubt that they are enough in the US :D