Evergrow coin is a brand new coin I am really excited for and today i show you guys how to see your price value of your bag and your reflections for your evergrow coin!



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  1. Been looking forward to this.
    Just been at the pub with a good friend and bought 6 bill for him.

  2. got covid again so been shilling this non stop since yesterday 😅 lets go evergrow🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  3. Safemoon didnt treat me well, how much evergrow supply do I need to profit 500k?

  4. I was excited, had to sell today, can not support Adult content, thats a shame

  5. Awesome, thank you! I tried doing this on my phone and it wouldn’t link my Metamask wallet but was able to see it on my computer

  6. Hey I looked into ever grow because of you.. based off of a safemoon video. Appreciate the work you do. Would have missed this Gem 💎.

  7. Could you do a video covering the staking pool for evergrow and how to get involved?

  8. Thanks again another useful video with info We needed to know. Appreciate your straight up no BS feelings about the project. If it needs to be addressed even if idiots unsub you say what needs to be. Jumped in with 25 billion coins let’s go.

  9. Dream is right. I think you awesome at this Youtube Keep it up bud. To the Moon

  10. thanks for the financial advice, I put my live savings into EverGrow!

  11. Whats best way to sell reflections on Trust Wallet without using metamask. Thanks

  12. This is AWESOME….. Truly appreciate this updated information. It is ver clear info!!!! The button is nice but where’s the Love button?! Thank you again

  13. Man, I am loving the wave 🌊 that is EVERGROW.
    Eagerly looking forward to hearing more about utility/project direction.
    Thanks CC

  14. We are waiting for more content bro 👌 you are an awesome explainer. Already follow your other chanel CryptoControl and Im an invester in SFM and EGC 🚀🚀🌓🌓 thanks you for all the informacion shared 👏👏

  15. Very helpful bro! That’s the simplest way looking on bscscan has ever been explained! #EGC

  16. @cryptodreams in all honesty do you think this coin can lose a few zeros❓❓

  17. How much money i should put in right now to be able to get Busd reflections and how its calculated?

  18. Hello, does evergrow automatically know your busd address? How do I receive the busd after buying evergrow?

  19. Can you calculate an expectation on how much you earn per let say 10 million tokens?

  20. You see, with these SHITTY youtubers that do not get tooooo specific on they coin but what you to waste your money on it because they got rugg pulled just couple months ago! This is CRYPTO CONTROL but now he made another account so he wont look bad being a SFM and EGC supporter.. what a pussy!!

  21. I had to restart my phone and recover my trust wallet account. My busd reflections are showing zero even though I turned the token switch on. Does anybody know what I need to do ?

  22. how do you know if the reflections are coming from safe earn or evergrow if you have both tokens?

  23. I transferred BNB to EGC on pancake swap after connecting my trust wallet. but how can I view my balance ?? I don’t know where to view it

  24. Is there anything to do to get BUSD reward after buying of EGC on trust wallet???

  25. Im earning rewards with evergrow and Im connected to trust wallet but my rewards are apparently going elsewhere. How is this corrected? Do you have a video on that topic?