How to Send ERC20 Ethereum OMI from BitForex to Trust Wallet (Full ECOMI Migration Tutorial)

A tutorial on how I successfully transferred my ERC20 Ethereum OMI from Bitforex to Trust Wallet. You will need access to this Immutable X ECOMI migration article: as well as your Trust Wallet and Bitforex accounts. Please make sure you had your OMI tokens in Bitforex exchange prior to January 27th. Let me know what you think of my method and if it helped you in the comments section! Let’s go OMI HOMIES!

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***I am not a financial advisor; this video is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only and represents only my personal opinions***

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  1. Please make sure to keep an eye on official ECOMI Medium articles and Tweets from the ECOMI Twitter. Also, if you are new to crypto, remember that the deposit/withdrawal address in the video is mine not yours! Make sure to use your own address!

  2. How can I check if my omi tokens on bit forex have been converted to ERC20?

  3. Great video. Very upsetting to go from paying fractions of pennies for transfers that take a minute or two…. to hundreds of dollars that takes up to an hour.

  4. Do you know why it doesn’t say the dollar amount of the Omi in the trust Wallet after making the deposit?

  5. When you send the omi token from trust wallet to an exchange do you have to put some verification code or authentication after you press the send botten ? And I suppose that you also need some eth on Trust wallet to send the OMI token. Sorry I am asking you the other way of your vid.

  6. If I wanna send OMI from Bitforex to Ledger Nano X, can I use the ERC-20 way to my Ether wallet adress in Ledger?

  7. Thanks for this! Is the migration process finished on bitforex ? Can I still send my omi from trust wallet for the auto migration ?

  8. Excellent video. Thanks. Really disappointed that is costs such a significant amount to transfer money back to the Trust Wallet. I might just leave it on the exchange.

  9. Thank you. I am more confident because i did this Yesterday, exactly like you. Keep it up!

  10. Thank you man, always waiting for your updates, u are rly valueble for this community… btw is this mean that bitforex 100% completed migration?

  11. Thanks for the tutorial bro everyone appreciates you. Do you know if I should be seeing a price value in USD on trust wallet for OMI? Or is that still in the works it just has my token amount.

  12. If I leave all my Omi token in my bitforex wallet will it automatically change to the ERC 20 or do I need to transfer it all into my trust wallet like you did in this video to do have it on the erc20 network.

  13. Hey man, been watching your videos on this topic. Definitely lookin forward to the next one

  14. great video easy to understand can’t thank you enough. but what about automatic migration? in a previous video you deposited omi tokens from trust wallet to Bitforex before migration I’m assuming these were the same tokens?

  15. Great video, thank you for putting it together. I noticed that in both your video and in my wallet, it is not showing the price of the token and also not adding into your total $$ in your wallet. Any idea why this is happening? It made me think I made a mistake, but after watching this I did exactly what you did. And looks like you are having the same issue.

  16. Great content and just subscribed!
    So is it safe to assume that once you send OMI (GO20) to Bitforex, at this point it will automatically convert it to OMI (ERC20)? I can then withdrawal it back to my Trust wallet in ERC20 format?

  17. Are you still able to buy OMI the same way as before on bitforex or is there an easier way?

  18. I switched things over but the price of my Erc20 OMi is not listed in the Trust Wallet.