Axie Infinity – AXS Token

How To Stake Axie Infinity AXS Token On Binance

how to stake axie infinity AXS crypto token on binance exchange for passive income and earn interest rewards for free. High APY guide.
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In this video, I’ll give a step by step guide on how staking axie infinity (AXS) token on binance can give you extra rewards. Staking your AXS tokens can earn you more than 100% APY right now.

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  1. Thank you for the great video! Do you have a link where I can join binance because I’m from the United States. Or can I use the link that you have. Sometimes I watch videos and it’ll ask me on the website sometimes I watch videos from other YouTubers and it’ll ask me are you from the United States to UK China. Thanks again for the great content keep it up! Look forward to it. I’m a new subscriber.

  2. Hello,In my excitement to leave you a great comment. I forgot to ask you two important questions. The first one is can you do a video on how to stake Olympus and how to stake stronghold. on the whole concept of making nodes that’s like a popular thing now still don’t know how to do it. fascinating would like to learn how to do it. Thanks again this is a great education and I’m glad you’re teaching it.

  3. Hi johannes, how do we see the profit on one specific crypto we invented on binance?

  4. Hello, one question.
    Are the estimated interest given daily reward? Or monthly? Daily?

  5. Is the estimated reward what i get in one month if i choose one month

  6. Hi, do you know which Network Binance uses for AXS? Is it ERC or Ronin, as I’m looking to buy and transfer in AXS from elsewhere due to better rate than Binance, thanks

  7. Bro imagine buying like 300 AXS back when it was like $20 and staking for 30 days earning a tidy $5500 a month in rewards, sheesh. Bought 3 today and I’m set to make $55 across the month in rewards so not bad imo

  8. What I dont understand is the apy is 100+% and the interest is only arround 20% or less thats weird

  9. if I staking on the 10th and I want to add the balance on the 12th, is it possible? (with the same duration and coins)

  10. I have entered money yesterday and there is no accum interest showing yet after 1 day. Only 0.00000 showing in green font. When will it start to show interest in the back office of binance?

  11. Number of staked coins will be the same right? I mean if price drops and I want to reedem it I wll unlock the same amount of coins I locked previously? in order to trade them or just keep them somewhere in my wallet and wait the price to go up again?

  12. After 30days does it automatically return to my wallet or i have to click something?