How To Start DeFi Yield Farming? Earn Passive Income On Autopilot [Cake DeFi Tutorial For Beginners]

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Ready to earn passive income on autopilot with your crypto but don’t know how to start DeFi yield farming? Cake DeFi makes staking and liquidity mining the easiest, safest and most rewarding way any crypto beginner or busy person can start creating passive income with Bitcoin and other crypto.

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🍰Cake DeFi – Ultra High Yield on Bitcoin (60% APR) Get extra $10 DFI on sign up with first deposit of $50 or more. 👉 https://app.cakedefi.com/?ref=304473

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  1. If I invested $1000, what would my monthly return be? Sorry if the question doesn’t make sense, just learning about this stuff.

  2. We talked about the inconvenience of KYC in the past. One thing about decentralized protocols is that their anonymity is by design. Centralization results in regulation, decentralization allows for more freedom. It is not as if decentralized protocols will not have to comply with laws, they will, but decentralization helps protect the little guy from losing control to the big dogs.

  3. It’s going nuts. Stock token are going online next week. #cakedefi #RoadTo50

  4. so If I deposit bitcoin to cake will they wumotacilly switch to DEfi token if I choose to the staking option for the DEFI token?

  5. I don’t understand why but YouTube keeps deleting comments on my video. If you leave a comment, please, double check it went through. If not, try again or reach out to me on Twitter or via email at moneydelics@protonmail.com if you have a question or request.

  6. This is just the video I was looking for, thanks for the great overview, now I know how to get involved, keep up the great work!