Polkastarter – POLS Token

How to use the Polkastarter v2 launchpad (updated guide)

In this video I’ll take you through all the steps of a Polkastarter IDO launch using the new Polkstarter v2 launchpad format:
– 00:00 introduction
– 00:19 What is Polkastarter
– 01:33 How to get whitelisted
– 03:44 How to buy $POLS tokens
– 05:37 How to stake $POLS tokens
– 07:30 What are the chances of getting whitelisted
– 07:53 Example 1: Dtravel IDO
– 11:00 How to do KYC
– 11:55 When can I sell/unstake my POLS tokens
– 12:34 Polkastarter dashboard
– 13:58 Example 2: Kawaii Island (whitelist gone wrong)
– 15:17 What happens after you get whitelisted

Polkastarter is an industry leading launchpad with high quality projects. Because everyone wants to get in, it is impossible to give everyone a share of an IDO. This is why Polkastarter works with a whitelist.

If you want to be eligable for a whitelist you need:
– 250 $POLS (on ETH or BSC)
– hold $POLS for 7 days or more (OR stake the tokens for instant access)
– sign up for your favorite project
– get selected for the whitelist
– pass KYC for the project
– be on time for the launch date
– lock in your allocation (you have to be fast & on time)

Usually allocations are between 200 and 500USD. You don’t have to assign the maximum, you can always contribute less if you want.

Important: each project decides if they require KYC, what steps you have to take to apply for a whitelist and so forth. Sadly most projects exclude US citizens out of fear for the SEC.

Usefull links:
– Official website: https://www.polkastarter.com/
– Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/polkastarter
– Polkastarter IDO requirements: https://blog.polkastarter.com/how-to-participate-in-a-polkastarter-ido/
– Synaps: https://synaps.io/

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Let’s get on that crypto train!


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  1. Great video Bren. Thanks!
    1 question: If you stake your Pols will you get any reward for it? If yes what % if no why would you stake it?

  2. So i connected my metamask to polkastarter do i hold pols on my metamask? And if so, will it know automatically after ive had it in my meta wallet for 7 days?

    And so im trying to buy quidd its on BSC do i need to buy bnb and put that in my metamask to cover the fees? Or how do i pay that 500$ they want / the transaction fees

    Also why cant i apply for whitelist for quidd?
    I can apply for Dtravel but not quid. Will it become available nov 18th ??

    Sorry man this is so confusing lol so many loops and hoops to buy something.
    Ill watch this video again but ive made a metamask and connected it to polkastarter and im stuck lol

  3. Great Info. Thanks
    You mentioned transaction cost of getting into Ethereum IDO to be more than $100. Can you tell how much will be for BNB?

  4. Nice video Bren! It was actually very helpful to understand how the launchpads works. Unfortunately, I’m in US.:( How I can confirm is a project includes US or is there any launchpad for US projects?

    Thank you!

  5. Hey dear, please tell one thing…
    Did you put the @ before your twitter handle?
    Or should be put without the @?

  6. Question, can you please elaborate on the last part, whence the project is launched, how do I get the new token to my vollet exactly?

  7. Thanks for making very Useful video.

  8. So about the token, If you stake or hold POLS , you need to have a separate pile of money to Buy IPO right? And what currency do you use to buy the IDO? Is it BNB(or ETH if on ETH network)? Thank you

  9. When do you know if you need to KYC in a Project?

    What does exactly Pre-selected Status means?

  10. Hi there, I wonder if it is better to split up POLS into multiple wallets to get maximum chance of getting whitelisted.

    Based on the whitelisted chance, if I hold 3k POLS in a single wallet, I literally worse off than splitting 1k POLS into 3 wallets.

  11. Very comprehensive video. Thanks a lot.

    I do have one doubt tho! How to copy the wallet address if you had already stake the pols? Can you please explain that ?

  12. Great, everything I needed to know! Thank you and good luck y’all with getting whitelisted

  13. Great video thanks man!
    Question for you…I see you got whitelisted for 2 projects, one on the 12th the other on the 13th.
    Can you participate in both of them? Or does the 7 day cool-down come into play after the first one?

  14. Thanks bro for the video, I have a question, in which network you were planning to pay with usdc to get the allocation? Because what I understood is that you must pay with BNB if the project is in bsc or Eth if it’s in Eth block chain?
    One more question, I saw some projects that are in polygon, do we need to pay for allocation with Matic? And do we need polygon chain in our wallet? Thanks in advance, and good job.

  15. The POLS tiers percentage has gone signicifantly down :( also buying 3k POLS to have at least 29% means spending 7500$+ atm just to earn the possibility to buy some limited amount. I loved the idea, but it is definitely not for people as broke as me :) but thanks for the great guide anyway, it had all I needed to know.

  16. This is the definitive video on Polkastarter. Thank you, sir!

    Just got ready for the Syn City IDO :D

  17. When filling in the white list , what wallet address do you use ? If it’s a matic ido but my pols are on bsc wallet – do I just put down my matic address ?

  18. So once you get white-listed you have to be ready to part with your ETH to reap the rewards 6 months later ?