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Ecomi / Omi Token is the Future of NFT’s and has partnered with some of the most powerful brands in the worlds that’s generated hundreds of billions of dollars collectively. There is a lot of potential in this brand and we are all aboard very very early as it’s still currently in beta! Don’t miss this opportunity!



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  1. You dont need to send to trust wallet folks if you have bitforex make sure you store your OMI into their cold wallet that is safe enough.

  2. Hey Cavell. Thanks for the info! I misunderstood about the token swap date on Bitforex. I thought you had to send your Go Chain Omi on Jan 27th there but I missed the window. Can you post one of your great tutorials about how to switch to ERC20. I would appreciate it! Love your content as always.

  3. It’s not showing a dollar balance though on trust, only your coin balance? This still safe?

  4. With ETH gas fees I’m just leaving my stack on the EX until I’m done buying into OMI. No need to pay the xfer fee multiple times. Welcome to ETH

  5. It had the erc20 option on bit forest then it just disappeared just now. Now it only says go. Does anyone know why??

  6. Is there anyone that wouldnt mind sending me some gochain so i can transfer my omi? i can reimburse if needed

  7. Bitforex is not giving me the erc20 option to send to my wallet, Anybody else having this issue?

  8. That’s weird I don’t see the ERC-20 option on my bitforex when I click on withdrawal? It still says GO. Am I missing something?

  9. Thats crazy those ETH gas fees. We were having such a hard time with Immutable we should have switched to the Hedera Hashgraph,XRP or even XDC.

  10. I would much rather put it on a ledger.
    I thought this would be possible now that it’s a ERC20 token?

  11. Do I need ETH in bitforex or my wallet in order to take my OMI out of the exchange

  12. Hi Cavell will you be able to make a video, tutorial on how to send new omi token from Veve app to cold wallet, because having my nfts and omi in the same app, freaks me up!! I even can make some donation for such a tutorial. Thank you.

  13. With some peoples tokens still migrating, Is it safe to buy OMI on Bitforex right now? I’m wondering if you bought right now, would you receive GO or ERC20?

  14. Great video Cavell.That fee is crazy!! It Use to cost like 2 omi to send omi to anther wallet which wasn’t even a penny. Now it cost $60. 😩😩😩. Oh well, That’s the price we have to pay to get on bigger exchanges!!

  15. 260k omi still frozen in Bitforex wallet waiting to send. Stuck for 12 hours now… Is this normal?

  16. Only have GO chain option 🤨! Did they not switch automatically ? I put them on the exchange before the migration.

  17. It says all transactions are suspended on bitforex, you not able to transfer out

  18. When will the layer 2 be available, I assume we will need a POLYGON contract address?

  19. Looks like they lowered the min transfer to 15,000 coins. Also gas fees vary depending on time of day.

  20. I need go token to get out my wallet man …. someone help me out plllleeeeeease ….I missed the migration 😬

  21. ATTENTION; there is something i dont understand, i copied the The Eth Omi address exactly like you say and then i pasted it on the trust wallet and added a costum token , created the new Eth OMI address, then i went on to check if the address on the TW was in fact the same but its a completely diferent address from the one i copy/pasted, did this happen to anybody else??

  22. Is anyone having issues with their trust wallet not displaying the value in dollar amount. It shows the amount of my erc20 omi tokens but it says the value is zero dollars. Any help appreciated.

  23. Anywhere to go for help ? I sent my omi to a scammer address found on Twitter. Rookie mistake for 3k

  24. thank you for the tip i just sent my test run of omi to my wallet…hopefully waiting 20-40min ill have it in my wallet!!! Thanks for the guide and assistance!

  25. Do you know when the gochain wallet stops and the erc20 goes live on trust wallet

  26. What do you believe amazing Spider-Man number 1 common comic will go for in a year or so from now?

  27. Cavell. Can you share with us if your Trust wallet was able to display not just your OMI token quantity, but also your OMI token dollar value? It seems that a number of us here who transferred the ERC-20 tokens to Trust wallet can only see the “quantity of tokens”, and not an associated “Dollar-value” amount.

  28. Facts! im with you Cavell on doing multiple test runs in general but with these fee’s Hell Naw!! LOL great video

  29. the fees are so high because of high volume. just wait a couple months use the swap exchange that ecomi established for this whole processes . no need to put it in a exchange and get it converted and loses omi. just have eth for the gas fees.

  30. Cavell i agree with everything you said in twitter space block is a cry baby That gets mad if someone has an opposite opinion…I guarantee his ass is botting and dont want to admitt lmao!!

  31. Why do you need to transfer omi to trust wallet. Can you not leave it on exchange where you bought it?

  32. What if I still have my Omi on trustwallet but on go chain? I didnt do the migration on ethereum yet. Is it too late for it? Or will it automatically migrate? Thank you in advance

  33. Hi carvel, thanks for the info for trust wallet holder…can you also make a video on moving the omi token to a hard wallet through MetaMask?

  34. I think there’s something wrong here.
    Trust Wallet identified the address on the linked article, section 4 (0xeD3-C1749e) shows up as Wrapped OMI ERC-20 wOMI not OMI.
    If the exchange DID THE SWAP, should we use this contract address?

    I can’t see the tokens on the wallet.
    I’m freaking out. Plese help.

    Also, Bitforex sent my test transaction 2 times because the pop-up confirmation screen had a bug and the data didn’t refresh

  35. Yo go look at the reddit poll on top Veve youtubers. You’re at the bottom. That’s what happens when you try to pull a witch hunt.