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ICP Coin has a new airdrop incoming of their sonic coin which is a dex just like uniswap on Ethereum, This is one faster and cheaper and they are doing an airdrop for 75% of the coin supply into the community and early users. We are going to buy ICP coin on coinbase and send ICP coin to Plug wallet and then we will swap ICP coin to Wrap ICP and then add liquidity to get lp coins from the pool and just wait for the airdrop for ICP coin holders.

⏰Time Stamp ⏰

0:00 – ICP Airdrop Intro
2:35 – Get ICP Wallet
4:37- Send ICP from Coinbase to Plug Wallet
8:15 – Wrap ICP Coins
12:02 – Swap ICP Coins
15:50 – Add ICP Liquidity Pool

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  1. Never lend money to an American football player. Sometimes they give you a quarterback and sometimes a half back.

  2. Having issue with failing when trying to swap ICP to WICP. Multiple attempts had been made. Any idea anyone? Thank you so much

  3. settle down z when i dip you dip we dip the content of the vidz are getting goood

  4. How much icp is enough for airdrop 2 is enough? A few days ago neta airdrop need 25 juno

  5. Sir, pls open a telegram channel where you share new airdrops and updates on the ones we did. Thanks

  6. Coffee Routine……Take some Nescafe in the morning… starbucks here. Great Video as always, Ziv!!!

  7. Best best bestever airdrop channel may it reach beyond stars and may God bless u our (finance after 40) u are our real 10000000…….0000000x gem

  8. 📽THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO,I invested in cryptocurrency after you were talking about it as a conservative investment back in December and I gotta say no regrets it has been my biggest, most consistent coin that has been profitting me well, still holding and still accumulating. So for that Thanks

  9. Hello sir, how much can I spend in this Airdro. Is $5 enough for adding liquidity?

  10. There is a error during swapping. I tried many times. It isn’t a good start for Sonic.

  11. Thank you so much for what you do
    amazing content and cool jokes in between as always..
    can you please do Airdrop tutorial for PIKA..
    Thank u

  12. great video as always… had to try couple of times , finally worked. Thank you

  13. Hlo sir I m trying from mobile I have sent icp to the plug wallet and when I connect sonic app it connects but my balance is not shown in sonic app what to do plz help and I can’t withdraw icp to other wallet it Says error plz help

  14. ICP and Wrapped ICP don’t show up on the Sonicswap page on my computer like it does on yours. When I click select a token…they are nowhere to be found. When I type in ICP it says not found.

  15. thank you very much for all the videos! I participated in many airdrops. Could you make a video where you show how we can claim the airdrops you mentioned?

  16. The more liquidity I added to the Liquidity pool more airdrop can I claim or it doesn’t matter?

  17. I followed all the steps and it failed. Attempted again it shows the swap from Wicp to Xtc but no liquidity position. What can I do?

  18. I’m having trouble swapping from wicp to xtc … It keeps failing .. Can anybody help plz. .. Wagmi

  19. Great video … we are always learning from you ….. thank you so much Ziv for the education.