HUGE Saitama Partnership!😱 Plus HENOK STATEMENT…. I agree?

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  1. I dont agree with 90% what you say Fudney but Saitamask still isn’t working for a lot of the Saitama investors !

  2. What’s funny is if henok would have invested in Saitama instead of Apollo at the time, he would have bought almost at the lowest dip, and would be up like 20% on it lol.

  3. OHHHH so now that Henok is personally invested and TOOK A LOSS it’s a problem. Sure wasn’t a problem for that little worm when it was other people money. FUNNY HOW THE TIDES HAVE TURNED…

  4. I know you covered pochi inu on your live stream but you should make a video. It’s 100x already and over 2900 holders in one day.

  5. Saitamask, the biggest shit show to hit crypto! Don’t spin it, fix the god damn app!

  6. Henoks YouTube and Twitter accounts speak two different Saitama languages 🤣

  7. They probably paid him to post the tweet, in order to pump the price, so that they can then dump it on you

    If you want to gamble, at least gamble on a real project, low cap with high potential. Like $CSPR (you’re welcome)

  8. Don’t wait! This deal won’t last, Saitama will finally be delivering something!… Maybe.

  9. Henok is all fine when his 2k goes to 30k and drops
    But when he puts 200k and drops he’s all up in arms
    What happened to wolf pack stand up and buy the dip , we going to 1c next week


  11. The Saitama community knows this gentleman as Fudney. He likes stirring the pot on Twitter. High school drama starter pack over here.

  12. Dude he took out all the money and dposit
    A little bit of 200k talking crap.. he is a joke

  13. Henok is not an investor 🤢 what he is doing is called gambling & Saitama is a big gamble & i should know because I did the same, but got my profits and left. All the meme tokens came about from the big Runup from doge, doge went to the so called moon because of the big boys/ hedge funds needing liquidity. Also, Henock is wet behind the ears & he shouldn’t be giving any more advice because he is just a kid playing a big boys game that he definitely doesn’t understand. Last if he knew he would just hold Ether for a couple of years and there you go 💯 you’ll now have ur big profits.

  14. shitama is such a failure no matter who t hey put incharge because the people who made this coin is now dropping saitama for lily..

  15. Shitcoin Tama. Keep your head up wolf back and hedge your money. Thank you Rodney for helping henok get woke.

    Bizarre times slim jesus and henok flipped

  16. Man I said fuck it! even if it 100x up from here I wouldn’t give 2 shits there are better projects out there.

  17. Somebody tell Mr. Henok that by saying all that he’s definitely fucking up his own investment!! from $200k to $170k , should better stop saying all that unless he wants it to look more like $10 .. !

  18. Hold on, few weeks back, it was buy the dip, don’t worry we are losing loads of zeroes, binance, blah blah, now that he has invested his money at the top its an issue. What about everyone else that bought at ATH, he didn’t have issue then.. prick

  19. Saitama this and saitama that, we will see in 6 months , better start trying to find a new project to fud , cos saitama is going to make you all look so stupid .

  20. << Great post Very detailed and concise video you posted mate I love your content. It's funny how some people out there still haven't accepted that cryptocurrencies continue to change the world globally. Nowadays it's hard for anyone who is against it. Although from a trader perspective I feel that we really need more experts in this field to educate newbies/investors on how the community works, lately the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently open and you are not can tell if it's going to be too bearish or too bullish, this uncertainty pushes most traders away and forces investors to persevere. I'd say it's completely wrong to just sit back and wait for maybe some losses. Doing this is the wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor you will find ways to source and fund more and more coins should be our top priority to make a profit. It all depends on the pattern you are tradlng and also the source of your strategies. I started with 2 BTC and have accumulated over 4.5 BTC in just 8 weeks with the right tradlng strategy given to me by an experienced trader, her strategies are also best for building and increasing Shiba inu and Saitama portfolio, as a matter of fact, Mrs. Grace Thompson's methods are top notch and profitable and for more, you can be easily get through to her on Te1eqram [Dcryptograce11].🧿

  21. I heard u fudding siatama cus ur $2000 investment went down 80% 😂😂😂

  22. Henok was a huge Saitama pumper but now is fudding them. Yes I said fudding because it seems that if anyone says anything remotely close to negativity about Saitama it’s viewed as fud. I’m so happy to see one of their biggest followers say it how it is.
    It’s been very clear since December with that shit show boxing hype that Saitama is a sinking ship and are close to losing it all

  23. What bothers me is he didn’t do this when it was down before all this u was big on it when it was down before the mill now u talking bad if u don’t have the money to lose then don’t invest

  24. Hey Rodney, Yes Saitama is late multiple times, But where is the video for the ETH upgrade to make gas fees lower? The next BTT migration? The Bitmart buyback? Are these projects/items on time? It happens but I told you to keep the same energy across the board. There you go again making assumption about coins you dont know like Lilly token.

  25. Somebody should of spoke to guy who put 200k into saitama about DCA and some other strategies rather than hodl

  26. Love ur vids. Anyone know for sure if we can only purchase lilly by using saitama? Or can we use say Trust wallet thats connected to Saitamask to swap for Lilly? Thanks in advance.

  27. For those with app that instantly closes. Close all apps then open saitama app. Instantly hit your home screen. Wait a few seconds then open saitama app again.

  28. I’m holding, but frustrated. Due to their setbacks, investing in other coins. Maybe, they will get it together. Hope so.