I Scanned Myself In Metahero Metascanner at FBSummit Dubai *Historical*

I scanned myself in metahero metascanner in Dubai at Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai!
Check out this experience

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  1. I wish they put more banners with metahero logo around this metascanner like other did. Even sh1tty Fanadise had a better “island”.

  2. Good to hear polish comments in the background ^^ Its a great project with huge potential however Facebook is going to grab some piece of this cake as well.

  3. My Brother!!!! Loved watching your experience! Such a class act as Always… I appreciate you giving feedback during The Summit. Your great at what you do bro. #CryptoArmy Telegram…

  4. Will you post later on , the Scan Results without the Glas Reflections ? Keep up the good work.

  5. I am a fashion designer ..I haven waiting for this technology …since 2006 secondlife🥳🥳🥳🥳🧨💥😛👌

  6. I noticed terrible customer service from the team towards the public. I’m thankful for their recent airdrop but however good the project is, it can be messed up by bad staff or policy. Sold my bag

  7. how practical is it to have tthese giant contractions just lying around for the public to use?