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IA TA Tuesdays(Technical Analysis)
Today we will talk about TA & Astrology and go over a few of our favorite charts to identify buy levels as well as resistance levels.

0:00 Disclaimer – this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice – The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:30 Pink Day – Big Vix

1:06 Is Financial Astrology a Thing?
Rough patch during + or – two weeks around Sept 23rd each year.

1:34 Well Many Believe So
Rough patch during + or – two weeks around Sept 23rd each year.

1:58 Autumnal Equinox 22 Sept 2021
Rough patch during + or – two weeks around Sept 23rd each year.

3:00 SPX Autumnal Equinox
Autumn equinox is a historically turbulent time for the stock market:- 11 years in a row, within two weeks of the Autumnal Equinox S&P 500 falls. I call it September Sucks.

3:34 BTC Autumnal Equinox
seasonally Bullish for BTC – per this chart

4:20 BTC Bull Runs – 2 90+ RSIs

5:20 Charts today Bitcoin Ethereum Cardano Solana Elrond Matic and Polkadot.

6:00 Chart Settings
Bollinger Bands
50/200 DMAs
Golden Crosses
Fibonacci Retracements
Elliott Impulse Waves
Elliott Corrective Waves

6:10 Bitcoin Chart Technical Analysis

9:00 Ethereum Technical Analysis

10:12 Cardano Technical Analysis

11:08 Solano Technical Analysis

12:59 Elrond Technical Analysis

13:50 Polygon Matic Technical Analysis

15:15 Polkadot Technical Analysis

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  1. Im just gonna say it, I think this guy is the best Crypto Youtuber out here. The level of knowledge and humbleness he shows is astounding.

  2. Please James. I want more of those videos. We live in a strange magic world like in the Quantum level and astrology, positive thinking etc affect everything. At least make more videos like that only for patreon maybe but i would LOVE more of them. Thanks for everything you are doing. Huge positive congrats from me on this video 🙏❤️

  3. Thank you for yet another very useful video, James. I was shocked not so much of many people’s utter ignorance of the enormous role and usefulness of Astrology, but the fact that they attacked you for offering an additional insight as to what drives price action. Instead of saluting you and thanking you for actually warning 2 weeks ago that when whales manipulate the pattern almost always repeats one more time and hence we can expect another test of the 40-42K support, which happened last night, these ignorant people choose to attack Astrology. Of course, not a single one of them has studied it, or let alone is an astrologer. Some unsuscribed, while I subscribed. Greetings from Bulgaria, and I wll try to snipe your P. again on October 1. :)

  4. I’ve questioned my judgment many times when it comes to Astrology. But you sir have just reawakened my interest in it . Thank you for this content. Excellent as always

  5. Great video James as usual. If you get this, do you mind pointing to the areas of the charts you’re referring to while talking please mate, it was hard for me to see. Thank you sir!

  6. Your ability to share in such a clear way, and help us make decisions is SOOOO appreciated! Your a good man who obviously cares about others, and it shows in all you do. Thank you!

  7. I would pay for a discord where you put on consolidated info about buy and sell alerts or where you share your own portfolio so we can follow you aswell ! Lets become a whale together and profit together !

  8. Wish you would do an interview with William Stickevers, he’s a financial astrologer . I think you guys would click

  9. James, you being so real is priceless. Forget haters ! Haters are self haters. I’m sure you fimiliar with shadow work. Projecting negativity is the person’s internalized reality.
    I’m so appreciative of you being you. I aspire to be as you are. Helpful, thoughtful, truthful and a dang fun. Please dont change a thing! Sending big hugs and a love blanket to protect you from the bad juju energy!

  10. You are brave to talk about something that many do not understand and will ultimately bash . The moon affects our huge oceans … why couldn’t they affect our moods ? YouTube is about finding your community . Be yourself and don’t apologize for your beliefs . Your true community will adore you completely . Thank you for this ! I will put it on my calendar for next year for sure !! 👍🏼😘

  11. Astrology?
    As a technical analyst, I have a great deal of respect for you.
    As for Astrology. I have NO RESPECT.

  12. My Opinion—–SOL has under 10% public owned so , are they considered a security because they are more centralized??

  13. I’ve been watching you since January and got a tremendous amount of valuable information. But you just lost a lot of cred with the astrology BS. Politics and Religion should be off base, and astrology is certainly some people’s religion. Keep it neutral, to Math Money and Freedom.

  14. Lay off my guy! I do hope plan B took into account the phases of the moon for his model.

  15. It’s disappointing to see one of my favorite people in the areas of finance and crypto talk seriously about astrology. I really like this guy but in my mind this is a serious hit to his credibility.

  16. James, it would be so helpful if you’d use a much larger cursor arrow and place the arrow as precisely as you can as you describe or discuss the concept you’re focused on on each of your great charts with Eliot waves, etc.. Thanks, B.

  17. Never change, James, you are the man! I can’t even imagine what you offer in your Patreon since you’re already so altruistic and transparent here. I’m sure in no time you’ll become much bigger on YouTube than you already are.
    Cheers from Portugal!

  18. I think TA and Astrology seem to have a relationship simply because people believe it does. The position of the moon doesn’t have a direct effect on stock markets IMO (in the sense that it affects people’s moods/feelings directly)…obviously there are physical/tidal effects, that might have a small effect on for example, coastal villages which in turn might effect production/output/etc., but this is an indirect relationship and not a direct one.

    If we look at the gravity that Mars puts on us on earth, there is barely a measurable amount of gravity that affects us. It leads me to believe it only “works” because there is a large enough crowd that believe it does, and the markets react to those people. Also, the time of year also appears to have correlations, but the planets just happen to be in that phase in my opinion.

    The only thing I’d be worried about is the sun. If that star turns into a black hole, disappears, or explodes then there is obviously a direct correlation.

  19. Thank you so much for all of it and everything! You are amazing. I check a little obsessively every day your patreon cap group…someday I will hit it just as some (crazy person!) leaves. ty, ty, ty!!!

  20. Thankyou James, and team James. Really fascinating stuff with how the equinox aspect affects the markets. Can’t make this stuff up.

  21. The Stars have nothing to do with anything, except for navigation. Get closer to God. Be humbled.

  22. This is a brave topic for a Western financial person James! My grandfather was an astrologer back in the day when it was seen as very weird. His interest was natural disasters and he had a very good track record. Isaac Newton famously was a believer – and said to a critic “I sir have studied it, you have not..” many of the enlightenment greats were believers in fact (Tycho Brahe, Copernicus to name 2). V interesting anyway

  23. I would love to know the exact specs on each of your indicators and if you change those settings often?

  24. Some of us might doubt you but W.D. Gann is on your side when it comes to these key dates lining up with Equinoxes and Solstices and related points in the calendar.
    If you have Gann in agreement, what are critics gonna say?

  25. There are more “astrological” markers that might be interesting to you. My friends talk about this Mercury retrograde starting about now…seems to indicate volatility for the next 3 weeks. So, put on the seat belt, as you say! 😉

  26. Glad you’re finally getting some Elrond. It’s gonna be a powerhouse.

  27. It was an astrologer who got me into crypto. He was encouraging me to buy bitcoin in 2018 (unfortunately I ignored) and was again, highly encouraging me to purchase in July 2020. I bought at $11k. Its the BEST decision I’ve ever made. Now I just love Crypto! Money = Freedom 🙏🏻

  28. james, can you recommend a intro to TA? I’ve spent my 25+ years never timing the market (with decent success) but I feel like I need to understand TA in order to effectively trade BTC. I was indoctrinated in ‘you can’t time the market’, but there clearly are way to take advantage of short term anomalies. Perhaps you could do one? Your math based focus would make mea student!!

  29. I don’t believe it. I mentioned astrology on your patreon page so, glad you mentioned it