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IA Update: Bitcoin S2F, My Min Y/E Prediction, SCP update + ETH SOL FTM EGLD $COIN updates

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Solana #S2F #BitcoinCrossAssetSpiral #BTFD #BitcoinBacklash #CoinbaseInsiders
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Bitcoin Black Friday Theory
0:00 Disclaimer – this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice – The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.
00:10 Tensions Flaring
01:00 PlanB Backlash
02:00 IA Backlash Over 1.8% Miss
03:00 Bitcoin Critical Level on Monthly 53K
04:00 Adjusted SOPR – Clear Support
05:00 REMEMBER: Bitcoin Dumpiest Before Pumpiest
06:00 Nayib BTD Indicator
07:00 Bitcoin Cross Asset Spiral
08:00 IA Worst-Case Year-End Prediction $68.75K
09:00 USA 3rd World Country – Fake Money Printing
10:00 1.1 Billion People Live w Double-Digit Inflation
11:00 ETH:BTC Needs to Breakout Above 0.08
12:00 SCP Week in Review
13:00 Coinbase Insider Selling – Ramps up over $300
14:00 Messaging on Web3


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  1. Great video as usual. I’ve also treated 0.08 as the key level for ETH/BTC for months, where a break-out would be very significant.

  2. James, thank you very much for your videos. I am on board for 1 month now and I love your videos

  3. James, do you recommend any book that is an introduction to austrian economics?

  4. James i really apretiate all you do and the valuable info you provide us with. Please dont let any hate discourage you to not do what you want to do! For every person that points hate towards you there are many more that love to watch and follow you. Regarding people not seeing inflation, i live in Argentina and i think many americans dont see whats unfortunately coming to them, you are the canary in the mine but some will definately not listen, all the money printing will not end well for citizens

  5. James, you’ve been doing tremendous work! As your channel grows there will be new people who are toxic. Don’t let them get to you! You’ve been providing tremendous content! We appreciate you.

  6. James please please please don’t change/stop what you do. Whatever anyone says, remember Churchill…
    “This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

  7. James!! Keep up the good work a lot of love here from Europe I watch your videos daily and they are a great help. Thank you .

  8. James keep up the good work!
    You are the voice of reason!
    Hate is a very destructive emotion, especially for the person doing the hating!
    Most people here love you and appreciate the work you do.
    Ignore the small minority of haters.
    Life is tough guys!
    A lot of it is due to not accepting this basic fact.

  9. Great content as usual James! As always you have hit the trifecta, EEE: Educational, Entertaining and Empowering. Keep up the good work buddy. Love from the UK

  10. FYI: The Japanese man you depicted in your video is that of Morehei Ueshiba (O’sensei) — the founder of Aikido.

  11. James, make no mistake, you’re the best YouTuber out there on investment advice. Your knowledge is outstanding and you are so humble, it’s a pleasure to listen to your thoughts. I like the way you bring the information to the masses without overcomplicating things. Unfortunately with a much larger audience, statistically you’ll get more criticism for any forecasts being just slightly out, but that goes with the territory and I hope you continue with your forecasts as I know they will be there or thereabouts at the end of the day. Just a quickie for you as I know you love the maths. I’m still irked by a question I got wrong at school many years ago which was whats the square root of 169?I was so confident, and then got knocked for 6 when I found out I was wrong. I reckon 90% of your viewers may get it wrong also. Also, massive respect to the guest you had on about a week ago talking about the importance of being able to do mental arithmetic, a skill seemingly going out in the tech age. IA rocks. Ian from England.

  12. James I’m sorry I’m late to the comments but as always I want to sincerely thank you for your analysis and your factual perspective. I have nothing but appreciation for your work. Ty for not letting negativity stop you; we need a trustworthy voice of reason during these times and it’s found in a half hour every day on your utube channel. Much appreciation to you James..

  13. Been in this space since 2015….You have the best content in respect to Tokenomics and conservative models.

    For an aggressive investor/trader, I need the conservative perspective. I consider you part of the team💯 Respect and Health man. Big thanks!

  14. Hey James, keep rocking the TA. Love the content and will never beat you up over 1.8% miss but don’t miss it by 2% my friend 😂😂😂

  15. I dislike PlanB not because of his Bitcoin miss, but because of the enormous damage he is doing by propagating anti-vaxxer propaganda. No respect for such stupidity what so ever.

  16. Hi James
    Love the channel – for someone relatively new to crypto I spent the first few months guessing and moon hunting.
    I’m now ditching some of my lesser coins for more stable projects.
    Do you have any views on ISO 20022 and what it will mean for the associated cryptos long-term ?

  17. I think people might be missing something VERY important and that is that the more the hype and expectation is created about coin X reaching a certain point by a certain time (hype created by celebs, media, news, YT channels (not this one!) etc. and the more this gets shared and re-shared to a point where people think that 10x is likely but surely 2x is a given (i.e., delusion); the more this can be used by market manipulators to create panic. They are waiting in the wings to cause max pain and to use any bad news/catalyst to stir things up.

    I do not think anyone is taking all this into account.

    IMO if Plan B kept his model to himself, it would be much much much more likely to keep succeeding. But now that the model has become so well known, EVERYONE is expecting Plan B’s model to stay true, the MMs and whales can use this against people to scare them people away.

    The more certain people become (especially short term price conviction) the more chances of causing pain and chaos.

  18. Ignore the negative audience! Keep doing what your doing. Right now the weak and frustrated investors go find another place to blame others for their bad decisions.

  19. Very respectful request here- love all you do, it’s been incredibly valuable. Could you do an equities video? I feel like there’s a lot of value there and would love your perspective. Also, starting to size up safer assets to move some of the alt gains to when alts get toppy. Thank you for everything!

  20. Omgosh… what a great price on SOL right now at $189. So excited! Can’t wait for James next video!!!

  21. Hi James. Great video. Taking bear fibs from Friday’s gray swan event on the day chart, my husband and I are seeing Solana as low as 175. Any thoughts? It is going to be an interesting week!

  22. I can’t believe people have been living in such terror for almost 2 years. C’mon, people.

  23. James, you are by far one of the best crypto analyst on YouTube. It is great how you combine macro with TA and onchain analytics.

  24. I’ve bought the dip then bought the dip then bought the dip. I ran out of money and it’s dipping.

  25. Dumpiest before pumpiest! I ❤️ it! As I always say haters always hate and I can only imagine what it’s like to be in the receiving end of that hate😢 but what I do know is I look forward to watching your streams everyday and according to the 999 comments so far on here so does everyone else you have built an amazing community and I would be lost with out your knowledge. Thank you for sharing your Math money and I hope to one day experience the freedom 🥰 and I will probably continue to post my sediments daily as I appreciate you for sharing🥰

  26. Who is Sanjay? I hear a thank you to Sanjay every episode haha. Thanks James for your content – it’s simply the best.

  27. Models are just models. Modern day equivalent of tea leaves reading. Some just need to relax. Time in the market. Time.

  28. And you YouTube crypto experts., You people push that theory b*******. All he was doing was multiplying by 10. It’s probably a little 11 or 12 year old kid and his mommy’s seller.

  29. Even when you say ‘not financial advice’, these same whineers will treat your words as **etched in stone**. So typical and can’t even think or do deeper research and make proper choices for themselves. These are the types who do not respect hard work that is done for them FOR FREE.

  30. I’ve noticed a lot of people are enraged. So much hostility. I have a theory it’s the virus because ppl just wasn’t this angry all the time before. Even at Disney (I’m a local) ppl fight & get heated with the cast members over nothing. A woman almost lost her life over a 50th anniversary cup. A Cup!!
    So I can only imagine how much worse the poorer people are with nothing to lose.
    Thank you for this channel & all your insights Im thankful for you & Plan B.

  31. James, your predictions could be out by way more than 1.8% and I’d still respect what you do, I’d still be very thankful of your research and advice you give us.
    Thank you! 🍻

  32. Ignore the haters, we love you and thank you so much for the work you do!! I look forward to your videos more than any others. I started buying BTC in July when my 34 year old son (finally) convinced me, but I thank you a lot for all that I’ve purchased since my initial paltry $100 investment. The education I’ve received from watching your videos is priceless and I’m no longer stressing about having enough when I retire!!!

  33. James Sir you are so above the BLST that some small minds belong too
    Please do not stop being yourself
    Most of your followers need you and respect you

  34. there are a bunch of chicken little investors….. THE SKY IS FALINGGGGG HBGHCGHVGFCDTFGVFHXTRYDFUOTVFKYUDTDFHCD

  35. *Matic, GALA, CRO, SURE, Hero, Cardano Matic AVAX still on sale for super cheap they gonna go big come January still cheap so get it*

  36. One of the most solid channels out there. I refuse to watch anything crypto with the stupid wow face and clickbait title.

  37. News over all TA analysis. It happens, it’s okay. Omicron looks like not a threat as of now

  38. “love it or hate it, ETH is going to do well this cycle”
    I agree with this. A lot of the new entrants are barely comfortable with BTC, and so their idea of forward-thinking investing is ETH. ETH isn’t going to go away overnight, even if it ends up becoming just a ‘legacy’ chain in the long run.

  39. That chart was sad indeed. Bukele ran with his slogan “there’s plenty for everyone if no one steals.”

  40. I love this Edutainment Channel. My favorite when it comes to Crypto. I like your conservative views and the effort you put into these little slideshows. Thanks for the awesome content and time you consistently put into your channel :)

  41. Just discovered your channel through CTO LARSSON . Both of you are fabulous Gems and so glad to stumble across you both. Good luck from Ireland

  42. Ive been looking and looking for australian retirement funds that accept crypto for a while now can u please link youre info on that thanks

  43. if it’s unrealistic to accurately predict the price, why is he doing so? it makes no sense to put that forward as a defence when he could simply not comment in the first place