Krypto Playboy bringing you the IDO info you wanted! what is a LaunchPad and how to get involved in the IDO world!!!!!

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📢 Disclaimer: The content within this video and on this YouTube channel is solely for educational and entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor nor am I a legal Counsellor, I am simply a lover of all things crypto and I believe it is changing our world and all the lives of those who get involved for good! as always please do your own research and be fully aware of risks all the risks involved when investing into Crypto! Crypto currencies is an extremely volatile digital asset and comes with major risks but can bring some major rewards if you do your own homework to!!


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  1. Honestly have no idea how you’re channel hasn’t blown up. Good stuff 👍🏾

  2. Thank you but I still don’t understand how to do it step by step. I’m trying to buy velas. Do they have step by step directions somewhere? Thx

  3. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  4. hey bro thanks for your videos joined bscpad gold tier yesterday but only got 6 dollar allocation for ai ido is this the norm or an exception dropped like 9k to join and today crash fml

  5. Can you tell us… TRONPAD BSCPAD ADAPAD which is best one… and what is mean that Lottery allocations in Small tier… whether investing 2000 Adapad, we will get anything???

  6. Once you’re able to buy into an IDO on e.g. BSCPAD do you buy them with BSCPAD tokens or BNB or BUSD?

  7. Great video! Once you have staked enough to take part in an IDO, can you then take part in all future IDOs offered by that launchpad as long as you don’t unstake?

  8. Great video brother, I subbed to you.
    Sorry but I didnt understand what allocations/pool are?
    Thank you Once again 👊

  9. do i need to fill out the KYC stuff for ethpad in order to stake and be involved in the IDO’s?

  10. so in order to get the project tokens i need to stake 25,000 adapads???? what the hell why it is so much i have only like 500$ to invest in a project token.. is this only for the rich?

  11. What is your expectation for the Vent Finance? They already launched the first token on their launchpad. Please make a video on it in time. Greetings to you sir!

  12. they need KYC and US citizen is prohibited, how can we participate in these kind of IDO?

  13. You should do pools for community members for a small fee to allow us that don’t have large funds to go into these ido’s.

  14. Thanks mate, very good content. May I ask, once you staked and approved for KYC, do you just wait for an email to confirm your allocation before you get in? once you get in and planning to sell which platform do you need to use to sell, if it;s not listed yet during the presale?