Immutable X Partners With GAMESTOP! Pokemon, Ecomi, Apple, Oculus, Veve are TOP BRANDS coming to IMX

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  1. The Immutable X ecosystem is next level. With ECOMi collaborating with this L2 technology, it shows that Ecomi was genius in jumping aboard.

  2. IMX will be huge till end of year probably we will be see IMX coin 50$ till and of this year

  3. my man been putting in work lately. I joined imx because of Veve, I’m staying because of moves like this.

  4. Me you and buttthompson should hop on some halo infinite one of these days 🤙🏽

  5. Most of my bag is in Omi. I need to start adding to IMX too. It’s $4 now, but that’ll probably rise once IPs start being announced. Great vid mane!

  6. I want to see a partnership Veve and GameStop!!! They could sell the physical of the NFTs veve sells!

  7. A month ago someone put a sub on Reddit and said “ why you need least 500 IMX”. Got mine and today this is crazy news! 🍾💎

  8. This is BIG! I aped into this as soon as I got word of the GameStop partnership.

  9. If you ask me i see this as a bad vibe when it comes to Ecomi..seems to me that Pokemon is going to be special NFT market separate from any other project including Ecomi..same goes to apple etc..Agree that IMX token has big potencial in future as great protocol but where is OMI in all this thing ;)

  10. Would be cool if Gamestop would start selling Veve gem gift cards in their stores, and starts promoting Veve in general. Costco sells Roblox gift cards, so why not? I’m assuming they’ll want interoperability with the Veve-verse, and they’ll want to sell AR hardware.

  11. aye saw you on johnny dunn live stream this am so im here now. liked and subscribed

  12. All of this technology is coming together! VEVE Collectibles, Apple, Augmented Reality it’s all going to be incredible within the coming year(s).