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Important Updates to SUSHIDOWN Binance Leveraged Token (2021-09-16)

To provide a better trading experience for our users, SUSHIDOWN will undergo a 100,000-for-1 reverse token split, starting at 2021-09-23 03:00 AM (UTC). The reverse token split process will take approximately 24 hours, with the following timeline:
At 2021-09-23 03:00 AM (UTC), we will suspend trading, subscription, and redemption of SUSHIDOWN tokens. All existing trade orders will be canceled. We will then take a snapshot of SUSHIDOWN balances in users’ accounts and begin the reverse token split of SUSHIDOWN tokens at a ratio of 100,000 SUSHIDOWN (before the reverse split) = 1 SUSHIDOWN (after the reverse split).
At 2021-09-24 03:00 AM (UTC), new SUSHIDOWN balances will be updated, and we will open trading for SUSHIDOWN/USDT. Subscription and redemption functions for SUSHIDOWN tokens will also be opened at this time.
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  1. After splitting if I had 241000 token and after splitting I’ll have 2.41 token so. What is the value of my token