INSANE Yield Farming Opportunity On Francium l Farming DeFi Land

In this video I cover the insane yield farming opportunity on Francium happening right now. I was able to yield farm DeFi Land for over 1 Billion % APY. By the time you watch this video it is going to be a lot less, but still significant.

Ape responsibly and know the risks of leveraged yield farming before using.

This video is not financial advice.

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  1. You can also get liquidated if the price goes down by -35% th day you start the farming. Of course this percentage increase rapidly but this highly speculative token with this amount of rewards will have some massive drawdowns at some point as people will take profits. Not a question of if but when.

  2. Thanks friend. i study crypto for years and your channel has gold info, but the info is a bit advanced for begginers

  3. It’s dropped by half but still 10x APY than the tulip farm for the same LP pair.
    I think tulip dilutes super fast as you have the likes of Invictus using tulip to generate yield for their platform. This was a good spot, more solid Sol alpha mate, keep up the good work.

  4. Am selfish if I said I’m glad your video’s don’t have many views. But seriously, your content is gold. Thanks.

  5. How do you find these farms like francium, it’s not on coingecko? Also thank you so much for making these videos and being selfless and sharing your alpha. I truly appreciate it and you have a loyal subscriber.

  6. Also towards the end of the video why didnt you add DFL to the pool too, you just added usdc but not both usdc and DFL?

  7. Please make a Twitter account as this market is very dynamic and would be nice to read your thought on the fly

  8. All these project do the same thing. Yes the return is great IF AND ONLY IF the price doesn’t change. In what universe does the price of any of these coins remain the same? Other than stables of course. Especially new projects that have a lot of hype around them atm like defiland.

  9. What are the risks of lending on francium? Can you get rekt lending?

  10. I’m a little confused so if the price of defiland Or any stable coin pair goes down.. I lose money.? And if it goes up I gain more right
    Because the usdc is a stable coin which price stays the same

  11. I think its not worth the try i have invested in cave/usdc dfl/usd and stars/usd pairs nearly 3000 usd but I could clearly see the APY could be shown drastically but in reality due to fluctuations in token values the equity value drastically going down too and also I could see if I get 30 usd in apy my equity is getting 200 usd loss lol I don’t think this will sustain long term holding seems to be better option but will update in a week may be sad or happy story who knows anyways until now I lost atleast 800 usd

  12. How does the borrowing interest work? I know in tulip, they only charge on profit. Not sure how the borrowing interest affect the gain in fracium, can anyone explain to me. I am a noob :p