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Is Algorand’s $ALGO Worth the HYPE?! (Pros & Cons)

Algorand has arguably the BEST TECH out of all Layer 1 blockchains out there… but is it worth the hype?! Well to answer this question I dove deep into the world of Algorand and I want to share with you everything that I found. Specifically 3 Pros and 3 Cons that we gotta understand before we can make our final verdict. If you’re curious about $ALGO and want a fair review, definitely give this a watch and let me know what you think!

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Trilemma thread:
More on trilemma:
Algo’s own explanation:
Tokenomics concerns:
Accelerated Vesting:

0:00 Intro
0:26 What is Algorand?
2:21 Covesting Shout Out
3:07 Pro #1 – Dev Friendly
4:24 Pro #2 – Range of Apps
5:19 Pro #3 – Trilemma Solution
6:19 Con #1 – Previous Tokenomics
7:28 Con #2 – Where’s the DeFi
8:43 Con #3 – PR
9:52 Final Verdict

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  1. Btw I was just kidding about the Cardano having good tech part in case you thought I was serious…. Lol

  2. Great video, I love Algorand as well and think they have a great future!

  3. If you think focusing on government and enterprise business is holding them back then idk what to tell you. It makes me believe you dont understand what blockchain really is….

  4. The Oasis protocol would be nice. CEO and founder of Oasis labs is computer science Professor Dawn Song, an expert on deep learning, security and blockchain. MIT technology review top 35 innovators under 35 and she is no 1 most cited scholar in computer security.

  5. Funny because I’m well invested in the best tech projects like Atom, Dot, Algorand, Elrond, Secret.. and yes, you guessed it.. Cardano.

    Every project is still solving the trilemma in some way but some have a better, more clearer roadmap than others (which keep on changing each year).

    We are soon going to see a narrative shift from DeFi to RealFi. Financing real world utility. I think (and hope) the projects mentioned above, are best placed to deal with this narrative. And without the security concerns and/or a history of hacks/billions lost. No serious bank or country can risk putting any serious money into a protocol which has been hacked for billions of dollars and on multiple occasions.

  6. Unfortunately the COINVESTING PLATFORM is not available to US RESIDENTS!!! oooops.

  7. I have algo and believe that this year it will hit 5 to 10 dollars and who really knows right? It might hit higher!!! Let’s go algo!!!

  8. Algo and HBAR are in my bag. Thinking of doubling down on both when BTC crashes further

  9. No mention of thier Algorand Wallet which is one of the fastest and apt?

  10. You forgot to mention the Max supply is 10 billion, so in regard to price they’re 1/10 the price of near protocol which has 1 billion. Or Ada which has more than four times their total and is roughly the same price, and they’ve got a ton of community/retail support. so I’d say the the price action is excellent.

  11. TPS is going to increase to 10,000 in Q2 at the latest. It will follow the demand to make sure it’s done properly to not compromise any security. There are going to be 4-5 different DEXs coming in the next couple of months. UNLOX is going to bring corporate values and millions of users to the Algorand blockchain in the near feauture. Lastly, CBDC announcements are not something that Algorand can communicate with investors independently. Those are serious government partnerships that require government announcements first if any project comes to completion. The COO of Algorand has announced that Algorand has CBDC deals with many countries in different continents. Details will come out when the governments agree to do so.

  12. Good sum up. I hope Algo will pick up on the PR and marketing. That’s their biggest lacking piece IMO

  13. Could you review Near Protocol. And this was a informative review, thanks!

  14. Algorand stated about delaying the tps upgrade because at the moment 1000 tps is more than sufficient for the system requirements and that they would focus on state proofs and bringing out Teal 5. I believe they mentioned this at the Decipher event November 2021. They said this year they will likely try to hit 10,000 tps with 2 second finality.

  15. Ur wrong about El Salvador man.. ALGO is in el Salvador and in the Marshall Islands. There are no cons of algorand.. MIT brother

  16. Nice video. Subscribed. Needs more and better communication, transparency and marketing.

  17. Very informative! I’ve been slowly building a good position in Algorand. Definitely a solid project!

  18. Another day another L1. Even if Algorand increases its capacity of handling transactions per second, it will never be able to meet the real world demand.

    No matter whatever name you give to the PoS it is not as secure as PoW.

    L1s that are currently facing it, Knows. Ethereum and Solana.

  19. What do you mean is Algorand worth the hype? It’s one of the few steadily growing cryptos that’s managed to grow WITHOUT hype. Not to mention accelerated vesting is long gone and over in case anyone is still spouting that as a negative influence on price that’s not so.

  20. I’m going to buy Algo and this decision is based on some youtuber’s opinion beacuse I’m too tired making my own reasonable choices, lol.

  21. Dude really, hype? I see no hype around Algorand, all I see is an informed and dedicated community. This is not a project running on hype or marketing. This is a well-designed network with a healthily growing ecosystem.

  22. Great show. Thanks! I bought some Algo last year purely due to the ingenious PPoS mechanism and the credibility of the founder. I suspect they are not marketing actively because they are not targeting us individuals. When big government and enterprise adoption finally takes off, I’m expecting the coin to follow suit. But I also suspect that they are playing the long game. Amazon, anyone?

  23. Wouldn’t say ALGO has the hype it deserves but that’s good for me…for now.
    Algorand has a purpose to be in the crypto world.
    If your not investing into Algo then your going to miss out, especially if you flip your bag like I love todo.

  24. The pros are great and the cons (2 of them) can easily be rectified. It depends if Algorand feel the need. I hope they do.
    Great video. Thank you.

  25. Defo the best tech. Solana with yet another hack, cardano doing nothing and etheruem too expensive. Algo has the best future. Turtle and the hare

  26. Algorand been around 3 years. Everyone expecting it to be at ETH’s ecosystem level is great, but unrealistic. Let’s check back in around 3 years from now and compare it to ETH “now” Q1-2022 to make an apples-to-apples (fruit to fruit) comparison. I’d take Algorand last year compared to ETH now any day.

  27. Careful about wearing reflective clothing in recordings. Dust, spit and light all gets reflected off of it and its pretty distracting. Otherwise, great video! hah.

  28. Dare to disagree, but all this hacking going on will be the death to many of these cryptocurrency base layers. Investors losing billions. And those same base layer protocols being hacked continually get pumped by youtubers. Who are they kidding? Algorand & Cardano will be 2 of the real long term winners.

  29. Algo is my biggest bag. Bought a little more during this dip as well! Can’t wait to retire off this one in 10 years 🤑👴

  30. During this down turn, Algo has become my biggest bag. Great technology and team. What I love is that this project is not built/dependent on FOMO or hype. However, FOMO and hype will happen in a matter of time and will drive up the price once everyone begins to realize the legitimacy of Algo.

  31. I decided a long time ago to go all in on Algorand and so far it’s been a disappointment. I’ve seen it go up in price and then go back down and its even lower now then when I bought it. I hope this isn’t a waste of time. I’m a long term holder and I’m hoping to see a price of $40 or more by 2030. Trying to be realistic about it. Tell me if this is too much to expect.

  32. Bitcoin holders will soon be running 🏃‍♀️ over to Algorand..
    Algorand to $22 by the end of 2022…