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Is Cardano HYPER bullish in 2022 ?? 1000% RAGE PUMP CONFIRMED!

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  1. Cardano seems like a no-brainer to me also. It should be a good year for both Cardano and its investors as adoption takes hold.

  2. Damn, how do I get access to THAT nerd pool…..I’m talking about the one at the end with actual water and oh yea, white bikini!!

  3. The whole chick in the pool thing at the end makes me happy that I am a nerd.

  4. You have been leading the charge for supporting Cardano! Forward march!!!!!!! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  5. I love these videos… You are hilarious. Im always expecting you to start talking about how awesome a premium buy you have for me in a 1985 Cutlas Sierra that is right out in the lot with a VERY low mileage of 350k that I can get with a no money down loan with a modest 18% interest compounded… *cough* daily *cough*…

  6. Wallace is like the coworker you can’t wait to see and the only reason you stay at your job. 5 rails in the bathroom and it’s go time baby! Back on the sales floor! If ur not in sales in rl bro you need to be!

  7. I am a boo bear. It was a millennial who turned me onto crypto. I am so great full.

  8. It’s interesting that you make light of “baby boomer.” I am seventy years old and I have been in crypto since 2013. Good luck catching up. Hahahahaha

  9. Good vid but it is hard to be bullish when the coin has steadily gone down since September… even now with major dapps going up on the blockchain

  10. Either we got a short wave 5 down to 0.91 and start to go up from here, or we’re still mid wave 5 and might dip to 0.80 or even 0.50 befoe goin up. Seems to be strong at 1, but time will tell if we already hit bottom of wave 5 or if we still have a small dip before goin up. If we’re still about to go down in wave 5, I predict that we’ll go up first mid march.

  11. Cardano wil do good.
    No way people goin to stick with Etherium.
    Mass aceptation is coming.
    Cant fail……

  12. Bạn thật vui nhộn khi một đồng không giá trị mà vẫn fomo trên thị trường cười lớn

  13. Hey curious- give that you run a staking pool would you ever take a bearish stance on the project? Would mean people sell/ unstake= lost income for you. The stake pool operators all being influencers gives me mad mlm vibes

  14. US House Provision On Blocking Crypto Transactions Pulled!!! Yes! 👍👍👍