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Is Enjin’s $ENJ Worth The HYPE?! (Pros & Cons)

Enjin Coin $ENJ has been absolutely ON FIRE in the past few months. Mainly due to the hype surrounding GameFi, Blockchain Gaming, and the Metaverse. Enjin is actually an OG platform, launching via ICO back in 2017. But they came roaring back from their bear market lows, doing over a 100x since then. And they are a key player in this niche because they build tools for developers to integrate NFTs and blockchain into their games. If you are curious to learn more about Enjin and their other project Efinity, and want to hear some of my Pros and Cons as well then this video is for you!

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Quick Overview
3:10 Plutus Shout Out
3:58 Pros / Advantages
7:08 Cons / Concerns
10:29 My Final Verdict

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  1. You say enj is going to do brilliant for long term holders and then you say enj could become a second class citizen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. How is enj going to become second class to efinity when you can’t use efinity without enj, all assets are backed by enj which will increase its scarcity; which you said yourself in the clip.

  3. The quality of the games is the key ingredient for success. You have stated the elephant in the room in your analysis but you don’t believe that it is.

  4. Game Developer here; I think you missed out a very bullish point; it doesn’t really matter if Enjin will never have a triple A game. but it is very possible to be the go-to tool kit for indie developers. currently the go-to engine is Unity; and their unity integration is really good and easy to use (this is really important for indies who cannot afford a blockchain developer) current NFT hits are made by big companies.

    but we should not underestimate smaller titles. games that will make “only” 500k dollars a month or so. these games have audience and the indie developer community is large and we will have many of these… I don’t see big companies uses ENJ for big games (for the same reason they don’t generally use unity). they can create an entire new blockchain for the company because it is more profitable for them.

    I don’t think the next Assassins Creed will ever be created by Unity. however; Unity can be considered a massive success in the gaming industry. but it just serves different audience.

    I know when crypto becomes main stream, the amount of ENJ consumed just for tests and prototypes will be significant. let alone when many successful games will be using ENJ. personally I am very bullish on the long run.

    side note: none of their games is that great: Enjin doesn’t create games. it give us the tools to create good games. and trust me, we are still experimenting.. we’ll get there :)

  5. H’mmm. You talked me into it and then back out of it….will wait and see. thankyou

  6. Great content!!…Out of polygon matic, solana, ethereum, avalanche and radix, what all do you suggest for long term investment

  7. 8/10 is a great rating! Im going to put $1000 for long term hold. Thank you for the review.

  8. Hi my friend! what token do you think is the next hype? i found you some days ago because I was finding information about friend with benefits tokens… so I watched your video … but too late because now the price is too high. Currently, I don’t have a job, but I’m a lawyer and I study finance bachelor here in Mexico because I think that cryptos are the future, honestly, I just want to find the next hype project to pay my rent and to help others in my country to have better possibilities… Latin America is not easy, so I will appreciate if you tell me some ideas about the next gems, I know that even if you tell me this, I have to do my own analysis, but you will help me to start with something. Have a good day and I enjoy your videos :)

  9. Please keep doing these balanced pros vs cons videos! They probably take a lot of time to formulate (in terms of the front-end research), but the viewers get a lot of value out of them!

  10. Great content, I also have a same concern with EFI and potential games on ENJ.

  11. Are they planning to migrate the whole ENJ ecosystem to the Efinity blockchain, or is this gonna be one those projects that people will always have to be bridging in and out of Ethereum?

  12. Those concerns are definitely concerning! Learned a lot this video, thank you.

  13. Thanks man. I discovered you recently when I searched for one project you reviewed. Your review was mostly negative feedback. It made me feel bad at first, since I bought it already. But now, I see the great value you bring when I remove my emotions and receive the facts based on your research.

  14. I followed you a long time. Please give me an advice.
    Is EFI (Efinity) better than ENJ? Should I sell my ENJ to buy EFI? Thank you so much!

  15. The whole point of a game like Lost Relics is to grind lol.. People want to play a game and have a set ROI per day like a salary. Thats not how this works.. and people like that are not gamers