SushiSwap – Sushi Token

Is K3PR the next easy 10x?! – 1 Token, 4 Projects (Sushi + Aave + MKR + K33PER)

DYOR. This is not investment advice.

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  1. You’re into all the cool sh*t, man. Thanks for sharing all of the interesting possibilities.

  2. I just came across your video because I was wondering why kp3r is pumping hard.

  3. Thank you for the video! Do you think the APR will be sustained or will it decrease over time as more users get in?

  4. Where else could I purchase kp3r, normal binance P2P in my region does not have it :(

  5. Congratulations are in order, what colour will your Lambo be? 🤣 Thanks for this info!

  6. what was the reason for sudden pump though? i can’t seem to find any news or research?

  7. Wow, great find. I checked it out after your tweet but ended up on this weird jobs project page so didn’t go through. After your video got it and invested a bit before the big pump ;-)

  8. Bro appreciate your effort but i think that instead of staking for all 4 years together if you do it manually for 1 year and then compound it to 4 years you will make more., by taking your example if you stake 1000 for one year you get 250 extra and if stake for 4 years you get 1000 extra but in one year case if you compound what extra vkp3pr you get such as 1250 + 312 + 390 + 487.5 = 2440, so you are getting 440 extra vkp3r just by doing it manually each year considering that conversation stays same through out the period. Thank you for reading and my bad if I’m wrong.

  9. What happens in 4 years with the price when all the Keep3rs get unlocked? That’s the question.

  10. wouldn’t you get the same regardless of how long you lock? 10 over 4 years is 2.5 per year…

  11. Kaura/Acala all ready beat them to the punch on KSM/dot. + Liquid staking for ksm and dot.