Is Metahero Going To $0?!?! + Everdome Plan

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  1. Can you please said to Mr. Weirdo hebri Bean he free me on her hebribean Trading Channel ?

  2. Crypto Costa what’s up my brother. Always happy to see your work.. I like your top 5 list! Hope people are paying attention! Getting rich starts in Bear market!!

  3. I think Metahero is being dumped because it doesn’t have a genuine use case yet, any hardware product takes a long time to build, once the scanner’s will be in a few places around the world and the marketplace will launch that’s when the price will significantly go up.

  4. Great video sir. We will fight paper hands for eternity. Just think about the everdome land and the partnerships being made behind the scenes right now. Do we think the Abu Dhabi F1 circuit will be in the everdome metaverse? I’m sure of it. Imagine if we can buy land nearby and them import our cars from blockchain games and race. These kinds of things will pump the project long term

  5. Hi Costa

    Great info 🤝✊

    Peoples have to be patient.
    There was lack of communication I hope it will change soon but at the end of the day progress is the most important thing.
    Everdome with Metahero are Best projects for MASS ADOPTION in my mind:) with great Team that is why I belive both will be VERY VERY HUGE PROJECTS – specialy Everdome Virtual World on MARS 🤔🔥🚀🚀
    One day Elon Mask be there – what do You think guys what’s going to happend next:)

    They are going to bring great EXPERIENCE to the WORLD :)

    Be strong✌

  6. Can’t sell,… will be holding to get my 10% overdome a week.

    Now is a good entry for newcomers, this is goin up everyone…

  7. I’m still skeptical about the devs of everdome.
    the game cyberpunk which used the metahero technology really had many bugs and glitches.
    they announced everdome around december, with just 3 months on developing a hyper realistic blockchain on its release? It might be too hyped.
    I hope it’s in no way rushed. Really hoping these projects succeeds.

  8. Gret Intro, great video
    Meathero all the way bro, since day one with you Costa !!!!


  10. Maybe new video about pulse & pulseX tokens? Your price prediction this both projects, what do you think about tokenomics and so on.

  11. what results is he showing??? the coin is down project was not even finish but he went for another its all a money grab

  12. man u sait the same shit about hero an look where it is now …so dont talk crap man

  13. Tired of all the ppl complaining about Metahero saying it’s a pump and dump scam. Use some logic people and have some patience. Everdome cannot prosper without Metahero, and Metahero cannot prosper without Everdome. You can’t have hyper-realistic Metaverse without avatars and you can’t have the avatars without the Metaverse. They are symbiotic. The Metahero/Everdome team can only focus on one thing at a time. They have already successfully built the Metahero scanner so they now they need to focus on building the Everdome metaverse which probably requires a lot of work and attention. Do you really think a Top Forbes 100 executive would do a rug pull when he’s heavily exposing himself transparently in all public social media outlets? Have some common sense.

  14. Omg
    First time in ur channel
    I so much enjoy this video
    I have sub

  15. Great video but you sitting against such a bright background? Your camera is making you look like a silhouette. Consider getting a light to brighten you up. Just my 2 cents.

  16. What is the best way to buy Dome on the lunch day on OKX? Can we put a buy order with Market price before the lunch ?