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IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE STOCK MARKET CRASH – WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE FACEBOOK STOCK PRICE NOW! I go over the Facebook stock price prediction and where it could go.

I go over the Paypal stock price prediction and the AMD stock price prediction as well as the Google stock price prediction after reporting their earnings yesterday. Is there opportunity moving forward?

Where will we see the market heading now that the speech is getting priced in. I expect to see more volatility and some additional red before we hit a period of sustained growth in stock prices.

We continue to see major weakness in the stock markets and the corrections could soon turn into a bear market. I go over the best options to buy now and what put options that I bought to cover my overall portfolio.

I go over the stock market and talk about how I see 2022 playing out and how I will be investing into it. Will we see an official correction in the S&P 500 or will it turn into an official bear market of 20% or more loss? I go over my opinion on this and the stocks I just bought. We saw a ton of red in the stock market today from what I believe is partly because of the Fed.

If you need to know which stock to buy today, then I would say that many of these could be considered. I have some good diversification in the list as well. High growth stocks January 2022 will be ones that hopefully run up to finish the year strong.

The top stock picks are here. I get asked about what stocks to buy and and basically what are the top stocks to buy for January. I believe this list will answer those questions on what what stocks to buy. If you are looking for the best stocks to invest in 2022, then I believe we have a good video right here. There are quite a few top growth stocks 2022 that should be considered.

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  1. It’s a mistake to add PayPal in this political environment. PayPal is in a rapid decline with no end in sight simply because of the cancellation of so many pro-america and medical freedom related accounts. They have nowhere to go but down in this environment the same goes for the EFT – SOCL

  2. The sooner people realize that Facebook’s user base is rapidly reducing because Facebook has become stressful and inhospitable, the better. No reason for their failures to carry through the broader market. I’m gonna enjoy the low prices though

  3. Facebook is taking because META is a push idea.
    In this current format it’s at least 10 years ahead of schedule. Societal evolution has not degraded to the level that would make meta even possible, way too much, way too soon

  4. Might aswell cash out of the markets there will always be issues on the planet. It’s not a market for the little guys just the big funds who can make money either way.

  5. IMO I believe the reason Facebook dropped is that there were less VR units sold. I think that with the “Meta” people are waiting for Facebooks newer headsets. Quest 2 has been out for a while. People know there’s better headsets to come. Their Reality Labs lost $3.3 Billion.

  6. But it’s the BIGboy his own fault he’s slammerd down no ? analyst always playing crooks!

  7. Good morning, Stock Moe! I look forward to watching your videos before work.

  8. Good job, red days are definitely flash sales as long as you realize that one day the red is going to continue to run and those Perma bears like Burry and others will be vindicated.
    Doubtless the globe is in a worldwide economic bubble.
    If this is true at all what then are the consequences to its bursting?

  9. Let’s be honest for once , most of this is of our own making .
    The jobs , the inflation, the supply issues , etc
    We did the overregulation , the mandates , and the constant money printing.
    I can’t believe for one second this wasn’t foreseen because countless economists and analysts warned about this a year ago.
    Three things are making it worse
    1. Emotion trading
    2. An administration not many trust or believe in. (I think poor Joe is down to 28% approval now , lower than Nixon and Carter 😬)
    3. Groups like Facebook, Twitter, most social media and mainstream media people are tired of . They have turned into political lapdogs and made speech or debate impossible so many are turned off and I think it’s days are numbered.
    It’s the same boring one sided videos and nothing new or interesting.

    I think Crypto was cursed by mainstream adoption, so with the upside came the downside of many emotional paper handed stock market investors coming over.
    Best thing to do now is nothing .

  10. Metas forecast for the next year barely beats current inflation. It is only a good long term play (but will be a great one, at that)

  11. Hello what’s the best way to get started with trade cos I’ve been making my personal research for a while now

  12. I sold HOOD at a big loss a week ago if i buy Paypal today would this be a wash sale? Bc they are both fintech not sure if the 2 are substantially similar. Any info would be helpful!

  13. You’re going to have to re evaluate facebook. They have lower guidance on growth revenues which should lower all the analyst’s projections on tipranks.

  14. Best news, today no short sellers in Nio since months! I made an official complaint before, maybe it helped;)

  15. Don’t give up stock moe! We will get through this and go to the moon. I started investing late in 2021, I need some support! Hahaha!

  16. Hopefully Amazon and Ford can save the market, if they are fail, I dont really want to look at my portfolio for couple months. I am also holding Nio, Apple, MS.

  17. 2020 market is dead. 2021 market is alive. 2022 market is dieing… Stay away from USA stock market. It is going to crash huge now and never recover after.

  18. Hi my name is Rahima from Afghanistan I watch ur videos daily and bought so many stocks and crypto base on ur recommendation and ur videos are very helpful. I am single mother and want to build good future for my kids

  19. Bonds still sucking energy from this market..just like 1987. Ongoing volatility until rates peak.