Is Trust Wallet Safe? Where to store your crypto & NFTs…

In this video I give a full review on whether Trust Wallet is safe and secure for storing your cryptocurrency and NFTs. I also dive into the advantages and disadvantages of software wallets vs cold storage and the best hardware wallets out there. Binance, CoinMarketCap, Ledger Nano X, and Ledger Nano S are also discussed.

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***I am not a financial or crypto advisor; this video is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only and represents only my personal opinions***

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  1. Can you please help me? My trust wallet updated and it is not showing my balance I have over 200$ worth of cpyto there

  2. looking at the current rate of Bitcoin I started investing my Bitcoin with Darkcyber_spy on Instagram and now am earning every week i will forever appreciate your corporation for keeping up your promises you made God bless you

  3. My trust wallet got hacked twice and i lost 500.000.000 safemoon in total ! Just like that ?!

  4. 👆Kindly message James through the above number he is legit and a specialist on these job he can really help you out in recovery your lost okay

  5. Got hacked last week. The number of people loosing crypto from trust wallet must be massive x 2.

  6. Trying to get verified tonight. Just planning to invest my first $50.

    What happens if your verification photo is sort of fuzzy from a bad camera?

  7. bro honestly you’re the best person to explain about anything in this cryto world ur voice is so understanding if that makes sense

  8. Team of expert recovery specialist, great work ethics fast and reliable they help me get back my money from scammers.

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