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Is Uniswap V3 Triangular Arbitrage Worth It? Test Results…

Finally, after all the work we finally get to see how much opportunity there truly is trading on Uniswap V3 in respect to Triangular Arbitrage. It is clear that due to the wide spread/slippage on Uniswap, only the most liquid opportunities seems to carry any real substance.

There are some ideas for exploration though, like linking to different exchanges. But has this already been tapped into? Is Arbitrage on Uniswap worth it? In this video, we find out.



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  1. If this was on pancakes swap or trader Joe’s with lower gas fees, then it will be awesome. Still great information. Thanks for all the hard work

  2. Would be interesting to see this on other chains with very low fees such as BSC. Id be more interested in that more than using it on Ethereum. Its a great tool. Thank you

  3. I’m further along a very similar road and I’m running a similar bot already. While paying higher gas fees gets your transaction mined in the next block, it doesn’t get your transaction processed early within that block. There can be hundreds in front of it. For me, this is the biggest problem in making consistent passive income from such a system. Happy to discuss any answers anyone might have to that issue.

  4. I would use this tool to find high depth/low return arbitrage paths. 1% on $100 is still better than 50% on $1

  5. Good stuff… so, on the first arb trade you showed – on a dollar, it was the highest % trade… but when you scale up in trade amount you wind up losing… can you place many multiple trades at the dollar amount in order to maximize total return? lIke instead of a $10 trade you do 10 x $1 trades?