PancakeSwap – Cake Token

It’s Over For CAKE Coin | PancakeSwap Will Never Hit $45 | Price Analysis Explained

The warning signs are everywhere, CAKE crypto is done as I do not see recovery for pancakeswap token.

Today, I will give you an update on the CAKE circulating supply, discuss the issue with the tokenomics, and analyze the price charts for CAKE crypto.

Make sure to watch the full video if you want to know why I sold all of my CAKE coins.

The content in this video is my personal view and not financial advice. This information is found publicly on the internet. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions. I’m not a financial advisor.

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  1. Wow. Becareful there is a spamming bots in the section. Theyre asking you sell cake rn

  2. Its not over guys. Even the shitcoins without a purpose can pump for weeks. If the market makers decide to pump cake it will be 45$ again easy

  3. Thanks good vid I’m going to sell it and buy uniswap guess that’s the best one ?

  4. U are a fud spreader . I don’t know why people like u think they know the future. U are a very negative person.

  5. Hey guys we just got proof that
    Cakes gonna hot new all times highs because people are making videos like this

  6. It a Farm Token….if it’s price is stable between 12-16 dollars….it’s like getting 56% APR on USDT…. Amazing…..Cake is finally in a good place for consistent returns….If it pumped to 50 dollars you would wanna liquidate your position and wait months for a new entry….Stake it and forget it ….low risk at this point…. TRUSTED mid cap gem with longevity….you could safely retire with Cake!

  7. Nothing is perfect , i bought mines less than 3$ been receiving passive income for few years ,don’t regret ,however issue with supply makes me concern ,hopefully thell fix that

  8. For the amount of shit coins that have pumped this year to say cake is finished is just so dum , if you get in at a good price and make use of the auto pancake pool you will do well with it , if you hold on with no interest then you are dum again , the model of this token is long term and the more holders it attracts the better of you will be , the utility for cake is amazing and will boost again one day

  9. Reading through the comments and seeing how many are selling because the price is low makes me extremely bullish cake.

  10. I buy The dip and The next dip and stake stake stake, maybe im a Millionär in 3-5years or i löst 100.000k No risk no fun

  11. I completely agree with you. Naturally, you’ll get some fanboys in the comments giving you a hard time, but I think your reassessment is wise. I was optimistic as well, but the inflation is a big deal. I also tracked the supply, and it became obvious that their burn mechanics weren’t enough to stem the tide. Decoupling with BNB was the last straw for me, too. I’ll keep my eye on their twitter for some news, but until they implement some kind of solution to the out-of-control supply I’ll pass.

  12. Its over? so, its like going to zero? Binances main DEX coin??? yeah…I don’t think so.

  13. Have you not read their whitepaper? Smh
    Theyre striving to create a futures dex platform, an incredibly difficult feat, but if pulled off will not only draw in enough volume that their inflation is countered by their deflation (as they burn fees and futures amass enormous fees) but will draw millions of users seeking to invest in futures away from centralized exchanges. If they pull this off… you will be lucky to buy any cake for sub $35

  14. Its pumping now i think. But yeah We actually dont know what will happen in crypto.

  15. What other dex platforms would you recommend? I personally went to cake because of their easy to use and clean interface. Although I am pretty new to farming and staking.

  16. The fact that has low engament on social can means that its not hyped right now so can means its undervalued