Stock market

Jaw Dropping Stock Market Fall & Earnings

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  1. Greed in America is running RAMPANT!!!! Margins are outrageous. Companies are stiffing us, consumers !!!

  2. You work hard to make yourself look ridiculous. WTF is wrong with you? I’m not taking financial advice from a clown.

  3. Kevin does his homework better than anyone and he’s not afraid to change his mind. This is why I respect him so much.

  4. Remember when this guy said “This is the year of advertising, Facebook looks great at these prices.”… This man is a danger to society 🤣🤣🤣

  5. I love to see a new guy arriving in the stock market and selling at the first big correction

  6. I feel bad for all the people in the live chat saying they are shorting amazon and snap pre earnings … painful

  7. The Rivian line item is definitely NOT fraud; welcome to gaap accounting. A recent (~2019) change required companies to mark to market equity investments.
    You should be mindful of the words you use. Calling something “fraud” when its basic accounting isn’t a good look.

  8. At 20:42 – Kevin, my man. It’s sad to see AMZN rip 14% while you yell MISS MISS… MISS OMG MISS OMG OMG MISS

  9. Kevin is a joke. He thinks reasoning matters in the market. My 8 year old does too.

  10. Chin up, Big Kev. Whatever we all say, do your thing, don’t let us bother you. You owe nothing to anyone except your family. They’re more important than all us combined.

  11. God damn dude, just watched your blocked-comments doom and gloom the other night… and now meta dropped almost 27%…

  12. Dude, you’re a mess. Had a chance to learn your lesson and you just double-down. Your friend Graham has been giving consistent, intelligent investment advice and is free of scorn.
    You CANNOT time the market. Even billionaire investors agree. Dillusional information here, nothing else.

  13. Appreciate your content Kevin! Funny every Green Day haters hop on the comments and every red day all the positive and thankful feedback you get about your channel floats to the top as It should. Anyway, thank you! 🙏

  14. He sold the bottom of the market. And encouraged you to sell the bottom. This guy suuuucks. Awful investing course

  15. Feel bad for those who sold the bottom only to buy back the top and lose all their money because of this clown

  16. I really think we hit the bottom on some stocks – as you can clearly see. A good example is GoPro selling at a PE of 3 – I could go to any BANK and buy ALL of GoPro.

  17. Next quarter, AMZN is going to announce a RIVN stock split!
    To the Moon!

  18. Lots of money not in – they too are waiting – Warren Buffett is still waiting – it is a good time to jump in – true

  19. Paypal stock – goes back to May 2020 – down over 60% from its high – down over $160 billion dollars – to make back that 60% down the PayPal Stock must go up over 100% – it might be a good time to buy PayPal?

  20. Finally financially free thanks to my friend that recommended Mrs Charlotte

  21. The key to big returns is not big moving stocks. It’s managing risk in relationship to reward. Having the correct size on and turning your edge as many times as necessary to reach your goal. That holds true from long term investing to day trading, susan is very straightforward when it comes to financial management. Her output is quite encouraging,