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Klee Kai AMA Special – Who is Paul KLEE DOXX

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  1. Sup Bro. Can You look at NUKU (NarutoKyuubi Inu) stealth launch yesterday and super early. Appreciate you man!

  2. Hey Adam, big fan of your channel brother. I had an idea for the Klee Kai token Dev team. They should implement a temporary benefit or charity for the game as well. Can be a sort of Klee run for cancer or homelessness for example. A percentage of tokens earned on the play to earn games would be donated for the cause. Make it a one-time, two times, or permanent cause! Would also burn tokens out of circulation by giving the percentage away. Just an idea!

  3. It takes 500B coins to even play this game! REALLY? YOU WANT THIS TO RUN? FIX THIS!

  4. Paul Klee? Really? Do you call that a DOXX? What about the so-called rest of the team and why are they in hiding?

  5. Like l say they waching money whit this coin all they way. One whale sell at pump then a other whale buy when it’s dump then they just repeat the process to get more… just look at ether scan and watch crypto Noah. This is planed all the way…