SHIBA INU – Shib Token

Let Me Give You an Update

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  1. When you all buy these terrible coins that come out every day trying to 1000x that’s what happens. Invest In reputable coins.

  2. Good job Adam on the update✊🏾 Hold strong and continue to help your community grow. I hope this project works it out, you right things do happen and people love fud. After researching the fud drama i understand that now, and I as an investor try to do a better job of just asking questions first.
    Nicely done..

  3. Hey Adam. I have my wolverinu on LBank…can i leave it there? I had 2 billion hokk very little in dollar value but something happened with the price i dont know if its real but all of a sudden my hokk disapeared they delisted hokk without warning people and was left with only 55 hokk but thats not the issue …now iam left with trust issues lol..but how do you feel about LBank?

  4. I trust only trust in some cryptos. We have to be careful with these projects. One that I’m very bullish in and trust 1000% because of what the team is doing is Shibnobi (Shinja). It’s very transparent. Please Adam check them out!

  5. Adam, thank you for the update. It’s very helpful. What is your investment position on XRP?

  6. I got your back Adam!!! No one should be blaming you or even bringing up your name bro!!!

  7. I support you adam always bringing in valuable information. People need to learn that he is not responsible for what you decide to invest your money in. If any project decide to rug pull at any moment that’s out of Adam control. He’s just being transparent and honest. Smart people do research….

  8. Dude love the channel but honestly dude You don’t have to defend stealth that’s their responsibility and probably best u stay as neutral as possible social media is viscous don’t let it affect your channel

  9. @Adam Shelton  can you do a video on what’s going on with Stealth. I didn’t buy because the guys looked shady in your video. I’m usually a good judge of character and I got a bad vibe from the interview.

  10. Lee is the culprit and I really believe they’ll do everything they can to make it right

  11. Sorta a New investor of Crypto. Got rug pull on Tsuzuki Inu, purchased on LBank last week and purchased Mononoke Inu. Now, hearing it is a rug pull. Purchased Shiba Inu in May, which is doing great. I need to do more study. I could use help with that.

  12. Same thing happened with occt official crypto cowboy token on launch and there still around.

  13. We appreciate you Adam. I’m super glad this so-called rug pull is actually clearing itself up!! I genuinely was hoping it didn’t kill your credibility so the fact that it’s clearing itself up makes your credibility even stronger. So glad about that for you 🙏🏾 Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  14. Thanks Adam. I see that you are genuinely trying to address certain issues. Please continue with your transparency.💕

  15. Should probably do a educational vid on how to look for certain things in a contract. At least tell them about token sniffer 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. Nothing but love Adam and will continue to support your channel. Just keep them coming.

  17. Hey Adam did you hear Winry was a scam? one the devs made off with the marketing wallet (50 eth or something) and the price tanked… what a shame