SHIBA INU – Shib Token

Let’s Buy Some Shiba tonight! Saitama gets listed!

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  1. At 0.000022, it is high for me compare to $0.000005 that I bought it last month

  2. Hi Adam can u tell me why my bone/weth in my pool dropped from over 5000 to 3500, thanks

  3. well I sold my 5 billion Shiba at .000024 USD , now Im waiting to buy shiba when it hits .000017 USD.

  4. can you answer me this question please? I buried my shiba into shibaswap and lets said shiba tomorrow exploted to 1 penny, how can I take out my shiba ? like coin base and robinhood they provide with debit cards and you can use your tokens there but how can I cash from shibaswap?? maybe you can help me with this question

    best regards :)