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  1. Sporting some grey in that stubble Adam, you’re older than what I thought, lol.

  2. That location is looks so calm and peaceful. Nice weather, view, and food. What more could you ask for Mr. Shelton. Perfect. 🤗

  3. Some cities also have income taxes on the capital gain. I live in Philadelphia and they definitely want a piece of the pie too. Lol

  4. I know folks go wow these taxes are insane in the “BLUE” States. New Jersey, Mass, California, Maryland, Ny, Washington Oregon..yeah they are you know why because they pay for states like Kentucky, Indiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Va, Mt, ND, SD, etc…as the agriculture base of the U.S. has fallen off, the financial sector states have been the money producing sector since the 70’s folks….I’m from in japan…I still file U.S. Taxes…..and will pay my capital gains like I’m supposed to….it’s what we do..enjoy the riches and in the mean time help your country….yeah it sucks..but ole well!

  5. The way I understand it is if you sell your crypto and move it to purchase another crypto you have to pay taxes on the profit that you used to buy another crypto.

  6. I pray that Shiba etc becomes currency . Like you could buy a house food card etc with the Shiba .

  7. If you live in Cali move! I feel the pain yikes… I rather move to Florida and enjoy the weather and beaches ^^

  8. Pls Adam what do you have to say about FBI case on saitama Inu’s partner Willie D, do you think that the sentencing of Willie D to prison will cause saitama to dip? pls I would love to hear your perspective on this issue cause a lot of people may sell off saitama as a result of this issue that’s affiliated with saitama Inu’s partner.