Leveraged Yield Farming with Tarot.To


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  1. They have a stable pair. How would liquidation work in that case? De-pegging?

  2. appreciate your honestly – all humans selfish- selfless to understand it…

  3. with the leveraged assests given back to you, and you invest them say into wmemo/memo, and it hits a liquidation price, does it automatically take it out of wonderland?

  4. Taiki sent me too. I think you’re wrong about some of these farm coins though. I know a lot were distributed early on, but a lot of these coins are being used for staking and distributing profits, and inspirit even unlocks higher returns. Just advocating for the moon bag nfa

  5. Could somebody help me? I just dont get it… I started to yield farm (3x leverage) in tarot yesterday. FTM/USDC Spiritswap (appr. value is 500 USD). The APR is between 400 and 350%. After 24h I received 0.44 tarrot which is 0.1% daily. Do i do something wrong or calculated wrong? 400-350% APR is appr. 1% daily which could be 3-4 tarrot / day.Right?

  6. Amazing information. The only issue is that there can be massive flash dumps that might happen when your sleeping regardless if you check it every day. That’s a risk you can’t avoid.

  7. Great video, thanks for sharing. Does Tarot auto-compound the Taro, do you know? Or do we manually have to claim it and then go through the usual LP > deposit > leverage etc process?

    I read that there’s bots that do this, I just don’t know if and when this happens automatically lol.

  8. Do you think the BTC/ETH pair would have a high chance of liquidation? They both are crazy volatile

  9. this is blocked for citizens in USA– sure I can put on my VPN and then it works but imagine funds getting stuck at time of withdrawl

  10. If u claim often how often as there is a gas鈥檚 fee 鈥 the more frequent you claim the higher your gas fee is a percentage of your earnings -/ have u worked through that ?

  11. Is there a reason why u think ftm/ice pair is risky? Or do u just not like leveraging this pair

  12. You remember me the university teacher that explain the easy example a show the misil for the test jajaja liquidation for two Yiield token calculatorrr pleaseee

  13. Nicr video can you pleased share the excel spreadsheet template?