Live ask me anything! Ecomi, VeVe, Kaloscope, Epiko Regal, NFTs, collecting etc.


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Live ask me anything! Ecomi, VeVe, Kaloscope, Epiko Regal, NFTs, collecting etc.
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  1. Thanks for the video ^^. Always nice to listening :) A lot of good topic. See ya !

  2. Tnx for the video! Haven’t watch it all yet so sorry if you touch on this later in the video…

    Can you maybe explain what exactly can get one account banned or restricted? Buying gems and collectables off the app if those come from a bot account? Having multiple acc that merges into one? Obviously betting and scripts and stuff… anything else? Or maybe not all of these? Im kinda worried to do something not knowingly illegal.

    Will the OMI that we have on the app now, if amount is sufficient for any to staking tears, be counted as staked from now on?

    Reserve wallet is half way trough by now, when will we see buybacks?

  3. where can we get the secure wallets? not its an erc20 coin, will we be able to use it for others coins?

  4. To have my Omi exit Metamask will I have to have the Go token 100% of the time?