Live Demo: Solana Ecosystem & Yield Farms Overview with Chris McCann

Chris McCann Twitter: https://twitter.com/mccannatron

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0:00 Intro to Chris
1:00 Investing in Binance, Solana, and FTX
1:35 Building Conviction in Solana
5:00 How Solana Became So Successful
8:55 Architecture of Solana
13:00 TVL Growth of Solana
15:40 Beginning of Live Demo
17:00 Swapping on Raydium
19:12 Saber Overview
24:20 Sunny Aggregator Overview
29:50 Solend: Borrowing & Lending
32:28 Mango Markets: Leverage Trading & Lending
36:30 Marinade: Liquid Staking for $SOL
42:45 Parrot Finance Overview
49:18 Step Finance
50:40 Apricot: Leveraged Yield Farming
54:14 Bridging & NFT Marketplaces
56:30 Swapping Everything Back to $SOL
59:40 Bridging Through FTX
1:00:38 What Chris is Excited For

The goal of this channel is to think about crypto in a different way. Contrary to popular belief, crypto doesn’t have to be, “Buy and hope it goes up.” Through DeFi, there are so many ways to earn high & safe yields on your assets, which is a total game changer in terms of portfolio construction.

Yield farming is not a “get rich quick scheme,” but rather a “slow grind to more wealth” strategy. And I argue that USING DeFi is the best way to LEARN DeFi, which will present natural alpha for you in the future. I am not an ecosystem maxi, but a yield maxi. If an ecosystem presents a good risk-adjusted yield, I will be there. Subscribe to follow my journey!

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  1. Great video! Just deposited into Sunny last night, planning on more with all these tips

  2. What made lose a lot of SOL was the withdraw fee of .5% from SBR LP. If it wasn’t for that the overall fees is redic low.

  3. Thanks Taiki! This was great information.

    I couldn’t figure out how to get Saber LP

    A little help anyone??

  4. There’s nothing constructive about a bunch of logos in an image ‘demonstrating’ the ecosystem.

  5. Hi Taiki, a question. Can i bridge ETH to polygon network? If yes, once ETH bridge over to polygon. It will become WETH automatic? Appreciated if you reply to my question. Tq

  6. great content! been deep in solana for a few months and still learned a ton. thanks!

  7. AVAX has been fairly cheap and very quick. Would like to know some other difference between the ecosystems. Thanks Taiki!

  8. Solona is too centralized, which has its benefits ,cheap and fast transactions. The tradeoff for being fast and cheap is security.

  9. the reason for 0.2 sol loss in the end is because saber has a 0.5% withdrawal fee. The fee used would have been less than 10 cents

  10. This is awesome. I knew most of it… but good to see another perspective… worth looking at Solrise Finance also ;) some big boys mentioned it and looks like a strong team!

  11. Excellent stuff Taiki, thanks. The infrastructure there seems pretty sizeable and as said, has reached escape velocity. Definitely worth keeping an eye on. Would like to know what the culture/community is like on Sol? Seems like Apricot is similar to Tarot on Fantom.

  12. where you lost some sol is to unstake instantly sol instead of waiting the longer unstaking time on marinade. transaction costs have been far less than even 0,2 sol if you had skipped that process that penalized you some sol and is not a transaction cost

  13. Of course thank you for everything you do with education.

    But I also wanted to thank you for being one of the only youtube influencer in crypto that doesn’t have extremely spammy thumbnails/titles

  14. aside from being a Defi demigod, you guys should check out Chris McCann’s photography! Got intrigued by his Mamiya medium format cameras in the background and I was blown away when I found his photo website! Truly a man of many talents!

  15. Does anyone have any thoughts about what looks like a dispute between Curve and Saber? Curve seemed to be saying that their IP was stolen by Saber and that Saber didn’t exactly know what they were doing. It was all a bit confusing; one of Curve’s team was also some sort of investor in Saber as well, to make things more complicated. These things make me a bit cautious wrt Saber.

  16. Dude what’s the best way to learn about crypto and defi specifically… So fricken confusing bro

  17. This is s great video, it provides lot of information and details about the opportunities available on the Solana ecosystem. Thank you Taiki and Chris

  18. Sunny aggregator seems too good to be ture. Just bridge some assets over and finger cross not getting rug pulled.

  19. This was great! I love it when we see more hands on DeFi. More content like this please.

  20. If you do leveraged farming on stable coin pairs, is it still possible to get somehow liquidated?

  21. I was poopoo’ing Sunny the first day it came out bc I couldn’t rationalize the need for their token so I thought it was a rug waiting to happen.. jokes on me now

  22. Awesome interview, the live demo makes all the difference. Great stuff, Taiki, really love your channel.

  23. 57:50 that 0.2 SOL in fees is ~$50 now …and the price of SOL is only going one way, at least until it hits $650-700. hopefully the various apps adjust the fee % down as the price goes up.

  24. extremely informative vid. having live walk through demos is huge plus for me.

  25. Thank you .Gradually learning yield farming and the different techniques for making money. Keep it up Taiki love your channel for education.

  26. Im so frustrated! I have 50 SOL in solflare, but it isnt recognized to repay my loan in Solend. I have wasted all night trying to repay my loan and it will not accept my SOL.