Logan Paul’s Secret POKEMON ECOMI Partnership Is About To Be Revealed Soon!!?

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  1. Wait so he opens a fake box of Pokemon…then tells his fans “if only we had bought these Pokemon NFT’s instead …we would never have been cheated” . Priceless…2 steps ahead.

  2. I think hes already done videos about pokemon. He went to Iceland in a charizard outfit next to a volcano..maybe he had a AR charizard?

  3. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID TO JAPAN??? GET in tune lil bro POKEMON WILL NEVER!!!! WORK with logan for anything! they would disappoint a race of core fans smh lol He can do whatever after they release them

  4. I don’t know about modern and new cards. But when it comes to old vintage pokemon cards from the 90’s to early 2000’s that’s what I’m investing in for the future.

  5. Amazing video! But let’s not ignore the fact you have the Veve neon light haha, where did you get it from? Keep up the good work!