Uniswap – UNI Token

LP like a boss using Visor’s Uniswap V3 vaults

Visor allows DeFi participants to utilize NFT Smart Vaults for liquidity provisioning and active liquidity management on Uniswap v3.


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  1. honestly dude…. VC are waiting for your money to leave Visor. Why are you marketing this??? It was hacked and its not really automatic… sad

  2. Can you make a video explaining more about Balancer’s Gasless transaction using Gnosis layer pool

  3. Visr= managed liquidity for protocols and lps
    Ohm= protocols owned liquidity
    Toke=sustainable liquidity
    Defi 2.0

  4. First you should start saying that this video is sponsored from Visor,then since yr not a financial advisor I recommend to be carefull when you avoid the fact that visor got hacked.

  5. Hey Robin, audio quality is so crisp! Gotta ask what Mic are you guys using because i need that for my vids!
    keep up the great work as always – 100k incoming ;)

  6. VISR has huge potential for the following reasons:
    1. Arbitrum contract to be launched
    2. Autoed liquidity management for uni3 on both mainnet and arbitrum
    3. Widely partenership via it’s enterprise–level protocol to protocol architecture
    4. Generate sustainable revenue by collecting fee in pool
    5. Strong community
    6. Beat in the tokemak reactor voting with second place
    Just do more research youself

  7. I love The Defiant. Surprised at no mention of significant IL w/UniV3 strategies, though. I don’t think much about IL in V2 if I’m LPing 2 assets I’m bullish on, but V3 is a different animal and IL casts a large shadow when considering V3 strategies.

  8. friend, is it true that Elon Musk wants to invest in Gorilla Inu? Or is it a myth?

  9. good video, as always. But I’m waiting for the video about Nemesis DAO! I want to hear about it from an expert like u. They say it’s the coolest solution for staking earning in crypto!

  10. it is always a pleasure to watch ya! But I’d like to watch a video about Nemesis DAO. This project is too underestifellad.

  11. That’s useful info, thx. I am also interested in Nemesis DAO, it’s a pity if u haven’t heard of them. it is a staking & minting solution.

  12. I love your content! Can ya say something about Nemesis DAO? I’m interested in it & need some expert prediction.