Elrond – EGLD Coin

Maiar Exchange – How To Buy, Farm & Make INSANE PROFITS w/ EGLD Elrond

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  1. Damn Aaron I got a headache …… I’ll watch this vid again before I start drinking.. Love your vids.

  2. Thanks Aaron! May I ask, exactly what software are you using to put together this tutorial? I am trying to show my phone screen and desktop at the same time exactly like you are doing here. It’s driving me nuts! lol

  3. My connection to the app is lost every 10 sec. Really hard to do anything. Is there an alternative to the app?

  4. We’re still SO EARLY on this!

    This is a fully functional, fully decentralized Ethereum 2.0 – nay, 3.0 – not in the vague future promise, but already deloyed on mainnet, working flawlessly with zero downtime, near zero gas, near zero transaction cost. Way easier to develop on than any other blockchain, because their virtual machine makes it so any developer can write in their bread-and-butter language instead of having to learn some blockchain-specific code. This is the future. And it’s in no shady capitalists’ hands, it’s genuinely decentralized. Love it.

  5. What does the “Add Liquidity” step in your video accomplish? Sorry but all this is pretty confusing for me. In a different video they don’t cover the “Add Liquidity” step at all.

  6. I have been making losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading demo accounts is just like trading the real market… Can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

  7. How do you report yield/farming with US taxes from the Maiar app? Is there an easy excel export?

  8. Hi Aaron..Is the swapping or making a transaction in Maiar wallet free at no cost of gas?? I dont familiar with Maiar…Thanks before👍

  9. What is the minimum amount to stake as you showed în The video? Please tell me.

  10. What is the minimum amount that can be mined? I am trying with almost 400 dollars and doesn’t let me add it to the liquidity

  11. I set up my own farm using this guide this evening. Been 7 minutes so far and already made 119MEX (0.2 USD). I’m impressed. Hopefully this keeps up.

  12. Why there is someone in the middle of the comments here, talking about trading and advertising this Trading with Georgia Williams?

  13. Please do a video on how to document the maiar wallet & maiar exchange Mex Egld farming so we can enjoy our gains without the IRS charging us with tax evasion.

  14. Are any of you harvesting and reinvesting. They are talking about it on Twitter from the people he mentioned in video. To get higher returns

  15. wow Thanks Man! as soon as I opened my Farm She started earning instantly !🚀​🛸📈🔥💣🎰🎲

  16. Most simple, direct step by step video on farming… thanks so much.. can you also do traderjoe?

  17. Hello Aaron, Is it possible to show us how to get our ELGD when we click withdrawal from the farm. I haven’t withdrawal yet and this was my first farming.

  18. I’m going to watch this over and over. I’m still a little confused, but you’re videos are awesome!

  19. Wassup, how long does the Maiar account activation process take? Also why not buy egld directly buy within Maiar vs buying from some where else? Appreciate any replies

  20. Any gains you have made have been wiped out by the recent price drops of both mex and egld.

  21. My Egld is not showing up in the swap section. I confirmed that it is in the wallet. It has been over 1 hour. I tried refreshing the page but nothing happened. Do you have any suggestions?

  22. Locked is a basically a 12/13 month term. I think you should have mentioned that.

  23. how much liquidity do you have to add ? does it have to be a ration of 1 to 1 with the Mex you bought ?

  24. Aaron, can you answer the comments below, there are some very good questions particularly about the Liquidity and i notice you don’t reply ??

  25. do you disconnect afterwards on your phone the exchange from your wallet ?? Can you add that too ….. this is missing some basics, thanks

  26. Thanks for creating this video! Although I panicked when I closed out the app on my phone and the web exchange disconnected and showed zero balances!!! Haha
    A quick repeat of the “Connect” process remedied that but I had a slight crisis thinking I lost all of my (measly amount of) EGLD!! Whew!

  27. Thanks, Aaron you made it easy to understand how to deploy EGLD-MEX Farm, I will harvest in one month and report back results.

  28. thanks, very straight forward. I only used the Maiar web wallet, using the mobile wallet is unnecessary. I had been selling my egld on the way up, if I knew about this I’d have held it all.

  29. how do you reinvest what you made swap mex for egld and do the process over again every 3 days?

  30. Maaaan!! Finally found a clear & understandable way of doing this! Everybody else is robot voice or too heavy of an accent to understand! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  31. It dipped……people bought at peak. I’ll wait for a good entry to buy egld and stake. People forget you still have to look at charts lol

  32. Thank you for this vid for newbies. Wonder why I notice is “My staked LP” slowly dropping even though my ‘My earned MEX’ is increasing. Is this normal and something to keep an eye out?
    Also, when do we start or know when to unstake = Harvest-All option?

  33. Hi Aaron, I am trying to get involved in the EGLD-RIDE staking and there is no option to swap my EGLD for RIDE, do you know what is happening with this?

  34. hello guys i swap my ELGR token to Maiar but i can’t see them in my liquidity can somoene help

  35. Aaron, did you make any money off this? I’m new but seems like these stakes just are all hype initially.