Elrond – EGLD Coin

Maiar Exchange Strategies PART 2, Elrond, Egld, Mex token, Maiar DEX

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fine tuning my strategy and just wanted to share. also staying flexible to changes, new info & needed adjustments

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  1. fine tuning my strategy and just wanted to share. also staying flexible to changes, new info & needed adjustments!

  2. Thanks for the video dude. Some good info on how its all gonna work and what options we will have. Its gonna be very exciting!!!!

  3. I have a question. Every time we add liquidity do we get another token, or if it’s the same pair does it automatically combine with a previous token? Let’s say I’d like to I have 10 egld to send to the pools and farm with. But instead of swapping 5 egld for the equivalent of Mex, I swap 2 egld for the equivalent mex, do it again, and then swap 1 for the equivalent. Will I end up with 3 lp tokens for the same pool, or one?

  4. I don’t get what is the difference between harvest and withdraw here… can you please explain? Thanks!

  5. So even if I lock my rewards for 2x APR I can still unstake my EGLD/MEX liquidity to rebalance and reinvest my rewards?

  6. Hey Man! I really enjoy your content! Thank your for uploading it and breaking it down – I do have a question I’m hoping you can help me answer. I know you are familiar with the Palmtree network strategies because you are talking about Houston and Denver. My question is for the Chicago strategy – the strat calls for you to do put 60% in LKMEX and 40% into Mex and put that into all 3 pools – then take the earned mex and swap to EGLD – that makes sense – but then, they want you to take the earned LKMEX and put all that into the MEX pool so it can Grow – Here is what’s throwing me off about that, I can’t swap my earned LKMEX for MEX so the only thing I would be doing would be increasing my LKMEX in the MEX pool, which would increase my earned LKMEX… how does that increase my purchasing power for the EGLD token? unless I’m earning unlocked Mex in the Mex pool? But I thought all 3 pools you earned only LKMex? according to slide #5 for chicago strategy. Thank you for helping me clear this up

  7. Hey. Really nice videos out there. What is your opinion on Mexlagon boost strategy (constantly withdraw EGLD/MEX + LKMEX interest and add it in the EGLD/LKMEX pool). Do you think it’s a viable strategy even though you withdraw with the 1% penalty? Thanks

  8. Hi! Thank you for the video and all the support. Can u please tell us if swapping egld to mex is a good strategy only for LP? What about swapping a bigger supply and then stack all the mex? Do u think is profitable long term?

  9. Many thanks for this revised and updated Maiar Exchange strategies. Let’s see what happens. #EGLD​ #Elrond​ #Mpad #Mex #DEX #DEFI

  10. What do you think about the starting price of mex? Are you going to swap egld to mex as soon as possible ? I’m not sure when to jump in.

  11. If you withdraw, do you then lose the rewards you could have harvested? Or how does that work?

  12. You’ll go 50% in one click at the launch time? I’m assuming that will be a huge pump in EGLDs price at that moment and I’m trying to figure it out what would be the perfect time to enter in the egld – mex pool? Thank you!

  13. Doesn’t withdrawing automatically harvest and subject you to the 72hrs anyways?

  14. If you withdraw after the 72h are you getting the “harvesting rewards” (LkMex) that you didnt harvest aswell ?

  15. Hi. I can’t find anything written or otherwise stated about the fact that harvesting would reset the 72 hour timer. Other than it probably being the case on testnet maybe, is harvesting really supposed to reset the timer ?

  16. 1) Is Houston followed by Denver recommended even when you don’t have LKMEX going in and are starting directly with swapping eGLD for MEX?
    2) If the eGLD-USDC pool is going to open first or at the same time in your opinion investing in eGLD-USDC can be done in later weeks or at the start is a good time, given that you are considering diversifying and impermanent loss for your investments?


  17. I FOMO’d in and locked all my mex tokens in the farm. Is there any way I can take it out and reallocate according to the Denver strategy

    66% Mex
    33% LKMex

  18. I got elrnd dont know why lol im dont know wth im doing. 😂 i got 20 coins averaged at 110.

  19. Hey man, enjoying your videos and reviews. They are very useful and handy. Can you also share your latest/current staking MEX strategies? Also, it would be great to hear your review/expectation on RIDE token