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Make $10 A Day In Passive Income Staking AXS Token (With Just $3,200 Cryptocurrency Investment)

In this video, I’ll be sharing how I’m currently making $10 a day in passive income from staking the cryptocurrency token AXS. This is done with a $3,200 investment thanks to the insane APY percentages currently available.

However, I’ll also be demonstrating how on other APY percentages and investment amounts you can quickly and easily calculate your monthly and daily passive income returns from staking.

⏰ Timestamps
00:00 – Into
01:25 – What Is Cryptocurrency Staking?
02:40 – Where To Stake Cryptocurrency
03:35 – Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cryptocurrency To Stake
04:32 – My AXS Staking Experience (With Calculations)
09:10 – How To Calculate Your Own APY Staking Returns

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  1. axs staking on binance is all sold out at the moment, I’m staking cake on pancake swap between 72% & 110% compound I find, depends how many people jump in

  2. Obvs APY changes but I did get 105.32 and since the crash I suspect its just a re-invest until exit is ideal. I did stake in Mars with some lovely APY and just hopefuly XMS goes up… worse case … i didn’t earn interest but investment not worse prior to saturday.

  3. Hello, at 3:12 you show as a list of where we can stake different crypto, can you tell me where i can found that list?

  4. This is so great !!! For around 3k your making $10 bucks a day on the staking 👏🤩. I subscribed today I thought already was☺

  5. AXS can crash hard on prizes. Because they can stop this stacking bonus and prizes can go down really fast. Second reason is axs gaming currency have bad times now.