Manual Token Swap – Ecomi OMI token SWAP to ETH OMI – Immutable X Migration


In this Video I’ll be teaching you how to swap your OMI token to ETH OMI from to MetaMask.

Manual Migration Document:

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Video by World Economic Forum
Video by News Channel


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  1. Have you just exchanged 300 omi and ended up with 30 omi due to exchange ???

    Really stuck here and that looks scary…what am I missing 😕

    I have omi stuck in my trust wallet 🙃

  2. So if you are just an Omi holder and you don’t use the veve app , do you need to switch over to IMX version of Omi ? Still confused

  3. I sent mine back to my trust wallet but no price showing but I got the tokens

  4. Does this migration also works for trustwallet? Or just for metamask wallet, I mean this manual that youre showing here?

  5. Awesome video, this was so much help! But damn ETH is so expensive! How much $ETH did you spend to swap the rest of your Go OMI?

  6. Hello Sage. I swapped my Go OMI to ETH OMI and then I added the new ETH OMI to my Trust Wallet. The token amount is there but I don’t see a dollar value like I see with my BTC and other tokens. Have you noticed this issue also?