Algorand – ALGO Coin

MASSIVE ALGORAND (ALGO) Setup Looking To Break Bullish Above $1!!!

Algorand (ALGO) is in the middle of a bullish pattern (ascending triangle) that is looking to see the bulls break this HUGE psychological point of resistance.

The cryptocurrency space outlook still remands minimal and barely optimistic, but we’re starting to see a slow influx of bullish signals on smaller scales and crypto charts. Will these bullish signals continue? Let’s see a run-up and a break of some of these bearish patterns and signs to find a much-needed reverse!

Are you bullish on Algorand ALGO?? We’re diving into the Algorand ALGO cryptocurrency crypto coin chart. Please post your comments and thoughts/predictions below!!

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The content in this video is my own personal opinion which I have made from my own personal analysis. The views are my own beliefs. Always be cautious when investing in cryptocurrencies. This should not be treated as financial advice. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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  1. I’m set up for any scenario, but I think we’ll go up. Great buy times either way!

  2. Great update – need to build my ALGO stack. What are your thoughts on the SOLO/CORE airdrop?

  3. Looking like that fake false breakout and bearish dump is the likely scenario.