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Melania Trump’s NFT Sale Ends in Tears as SOL Crashes [ Crypto Espresso 01.27.22 ]

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• Bitcoin Falls as Fed Prepares for Interest Rate Hike

Rising interest rates are generally regarded as bad news for digital assets because of how their appeal diminishes.

• 30,000 Bitcoin Millionaires Vanish After Crypto Crash

Just after BTC hit all-time highs, 108,886 addresses had a balance of above $1 million. Now, it’s just 80,409.

• Melania Trump’s NFT Sale Ends in Tears as SOL Crashes

Unfortunately for Trump, just five offers above the starting price of 1,800 SOL have been made — and a sharp fall in the value of SOL means she will only receive $163,800 at current prices.

• Crypto Can Make You More Attractive, Poll Suggests

According to eToro, 33% of Americans would actually be more likely to go on a date with someone who mentions cryptocurrencies in their dating profile.

• Revealed: How Much Crypto Was Laundered in 2021

While crypto worth a total of $33 billion has been laundered since 2017, estimates from the UN Office of Drugs and Crime suggests this pales into comparison to the offline world.

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  4. God love her. I actually thought she was smart at one time. Know your audience or read the room. Her peeps who adore her are not into NFTs or cyrptocurrency. She could have made millions and just bought some if she wants. I just see all her mistakes. I thought she grew up in another culture and did not understand. At this point I just think she is not the brightest bulb on the tree and does not care because she is looks good.