Cardano – Ada Coin

MELD – The Future Of Banking | Built On Cardano!

A big shoutout to the team at Meld for sponsoring this video! I am excited about our collaboration.

Intro 00:00
What is Meld 00:50
How does Meld work? 2:44
The Meld ISPO 4:15
2022 and Meld roadmap 5:44
Polygon & Adamatic 6:15
Hachi project 7:00
Meld stablecoin backed by gold 7:25

The countdown to one of the most exciting and ambitious Cardano DeFi projects ever has begun.

MELD is the FIRST decentralized and non-custodial liquidity protocol in the world and in [X] days, we get to see what all the hype is about.

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  1. At the beginning it is said, how you can get your hands on meld tokens, but then during the video there’s no explanation on how we can.

  2. What was the price of Meld when it got deposited into our wallets for the iso for taxes purposes? Was it worthless at the time of the air drop? and will USA holders be able to take loans on meld?

  3. Ummm I think I heard this same story before…from like 15 other platforms. Also how is a Ethiopian going come up with double the amount needed to borrow. Lol. They would just use their own funds. Just call it what it is a margin account. If crypto goes down they get a margin liquidation.

  4. Cardano is trash . I like you Dan.. so I just want to see the best for you. But why you still shilling Ada. Move on bro. Ada is garbage 🗑

  5. Great vids, man. So many information im here, and have you heard about MX DeFi project?

  6. DORAEMON INU TO THE MOON(sin utilizar numeros ahora podemos usar iconos o simbolo) 374

  7. Cardarno, Sundae swap, Meld … ALL fcked as nothing works.. the block chain is broken, not working.. nothing can grow including value and adoption.. Suggest you ask Charles to pull his finger out and get all the congestion sorted. Everything is a promise coin at the minute

  8. So how does having to have double the amount of the loan in crypto help Ethiopian farmers? Serious question because if they have twice the money for the tractor they don’t really need the loan. The people who need the loan can’t put up double the value of the loan on collateral.

  9. I was staking with MELD!! So excited to have gotten my tokens from the ISPO!!

  10. Great explanation of what MELD is for. Missed the ISPO as I didnt learn about it til recently 😭. Did buy some off sundaeswap today for 0.28, now debating if staking it for the 12-15% apy is worth it or just hold. There is an ADA/Meld lp on sundae also but no idea the APY yet. Would be good to see a vid on some options for growing/staking our meld buckets.

  11. And whom is holding Said gold? Who is making sure it is even there????

  12. Is Epoch pronounced as Epic? Not being snarky, actually asking cuz I’ve never heard anyone else call it an epic and I’ve always read it more like E-pock.

  13. you’re just talking cardano going up. just say when and what day does it go up? otherwise everyone knows that cardano or another crypto goes up one day.

  14. Meld Gold is so cool and exciting. Actually, all of Meld is, but the gold-pegged stablecoin is genius.

  15. I did participate in the ISPO and super excited to be part of this! Thank you again for your great videos Dan! It would be awesome to see one about the best options for growing our MELD and Sundae Swap tokens. Like maybe a review of Yield farming pairs on SS vs Staking MELD options? It would be a shame to stake for a year then find out there is another option we might like better! Thank you! 🤩

  16. God has really blessed us with this whole Cardano Ecosystem!!! Probably the best video I’ve seen starting 2022! Let’s break these chains ⛓ and liberate ourselves from these blinds!

  17. I have a Meld Diamond Hands NFT #.2199 That was only gave to long holders of ipo and there was from what I heard only 4400 minted so its rare and sure to go up in value especially because it has use case for higher Apy% yield when held.. im willing to let it go for ada if price is right.. whats an NFT with lifetime use case that not only rare will pay for itself in no time let me know in comments thanks

  18. I appreciate you Dan long time along side tracking the data wonderful stuff in 2022

  19. I want to invest in MELD but cant find a platform that supports it yet. Any tips?

  20. For GOD sake Dan is there no way of finding out what the hell happened to those Cardano Summit NFTS? the communication between both CARDANO and TERRA has been TERRIBLE! Why even mentioned or have an idea of creating nfts for the summit if they won’t update you on anything about it after the summit? First it was a few week after the summit well know the winners, to the end of November, to them saying they announce in January to where we are now in FEB AND STILL NOTHING

  21. I was involved in the Meld ISPO and it was done very professionally. I was airdropped the tokens owed to my wallet exactly when they said they’d do it.

  22. This a good video. Can you please do more cardano dapps. I am thinking of building a cardano dapps store.

  23. I participated in the ISO and received my MELD rewards a few days ago. It’s being listed on a couple of CEXs today for purchase. I want to accumulate more, then stake it.

  24. Can MELD not be our way of avoiding a bunch of taxes?
    Depending on fees and costs of course.
    Given the market continues to go up:
    Take loan to pay for your bills and stuff, loans are not taxed.
    Pay back in crypto, thereby not selling.
    Balance your crypto holding by lending, while you HODL.

    This is surely too good to be true?

  25. Criticisms ahead. At 1:30, how is an unbanked farmer supposed to own crypto to back a meld loan?? Why would he buy tokens to borrow money to buy a cow? It does not solve the issue, it just sounds nice to present it helps the farmer, but when you think about it…he already don’t have the money if he needs a loan, he want to buy a cow, why would he have crypto in the first place… It is beyond me that people does not notice that loophole…MELD would have to take risks and allow micro loans in the first place, without any thing to back it if they truly want to help poor farmers. That way the farmer could buy a tool and generate income to repay the debt.

  26. Big time excited about MELD, their gold pegged stablecoin, staking. Their blog is excellent, looking forward to their remarks on fractional reserve banking (blog forthcoming).

  27. Hi Dan, how that can Help Ada to gain back the trust of investors? Oh and sorry I had to mention it, you are using the same background sound as Punto Cripto Channel 🤭

  28. What is the benefit to provide liquidity with ADA/MELD on Sundaeswap?
    I know I get LP tokens but is it like farming not sure yet. How do I get my profits.

  29. Hell yeah I did 80 k meld to my name 😍and a diamond hand NFT. I essentially created another passive income with staking from just staking lol

  30. Im a massive fan of you. This sounded like a straight commercial though. Like you read off a script. I hope you got paid well but it does make your viewers question your intentions.