Meld Token Airdrop, Diamond Hands NFT and How to Stake Meld Tokens

The Meld project has distributed their tokens via a free airdrop and if you participated in the ISPO, you would have earned your tokens.

If you haven’t you can also buy tokens on various exchanges including SundaeSwap and Muesliswap.

In this video I talk about their distribution, their special diamond hands NFT and take you through the process of how to stake your Meld tokens via their App.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, I did an interview in mid-2021 with Ken Olling in regards to the project.

Tune into their upcoming Twitter Spaces AMA

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:11 Airdrop
0:02:57 Diamon hands NFT
0:03:46 Buying tokens
0:04:52 Staking tokens
0:07:53 AMA on the 3rd of Feb
0:08:17 Outro

*** None of the information on this episode is to be considered as financial advice. All conversations and opinions are that of the guests and are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research and understand that cryptocurrencies are volatile and risky.

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  1. Have you to thank for getting involved in the ispo from day 1. Correct me if im wrong, but you Pete were one of the first people to interview Ken way back when.

    Was quite surprised waking up this morning! 💎🥂

  2. Is you Meld locked for the 12 months? Or is taking out your meld possible but with no returns? Thanks for the content.

  3. No link in the top right regarding how to connect nami to daedulas. Can you link me to connecting nami to daedulas for private node. This is at @7:40

  4. Which video was the Daedalus config for Nami use? The notification never popped up in the top right

  5. More than 40K participants? Dude can you read? They said nearly 40K,in reality it was approximately 38.5K which is what constitutes “nearly”. Smh

  6. I’m coming from Yoroi. Can we import to CCVault then send the Meld tokens to Nami Wallet for staking?

  7. I wish every ISO was like MELD, it was very easy to do and the reward was worth the wait

  8. I am getting this message when I try to stake my Meld Transaction failed to create: Unexpected response from PAB stop after 25 retries: response status 500 and also Transaction failed to create: Unexpected token B in JSON at position 0. What do they mean?

  9. Cool Video! Can you Do a Video on how you found the NFT transaction in Poolpm? And maby a poolpm “how to”!

  10. Can you do a video on thr cneta liso? Its a bit confusing so id appreciate your thoughts.

  11. If you look at the markets listed you’ll find Meld is not listed in most of them as of last night at least.

  12. hello guys, just a question. I put my ada on yoroi wallet, where do I find my airdropped meld tokens now? Thanks to who answers

  13. Are the Meld staking rewards delivered to your wallet daily? That seems pretty cool if its true.

  14. Why you choose staking over putting them in a liquidity pool and yield farming?

  15. Wishing you a speedy recovery with zero long term side effects 😇✌️

  16. I love Meld and what they’re doing for the Cardano ecosystem! Hey, we should do a collab?

  17. Hi, it might be worth mentioning that Nami can’t sign contracts as yet using Ledger, the Connect Ledger button is there, but isn’t functioning – so can’t stake from hardware wallet.

  18. hey Pete my staking deposit never confirms i submit it it shows the amount with the little spinning icon next to it then after a while it goes to zero. is this happening to you?

  19. What an awesome surprise from MELD! Got mine 2 days ago and notice that the way they airdrop tokens is very efficient. Many thanks for sharing about NFTs also. Brilliant coverage!! 👍

  20. Question: why don’t you have to log in or creat any kind of account on meld before doing the staking? You just link to Nami wallet and that’s it?

  21. Pete. Do you have any idea what this means. “Transaction failed to create. Unexpected end of JSON input”. I get this msg when I try to stake my MELD for the 12 month period.

  22. Anyone know when can we buy meld. Also why can’t I send ada from my nami to another wallet

  23. My Yoroi wallet is showing I have 6 million Meld when it should be 6k. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  24. What are the benefits of staking your meld as you did vs providing liquidity to dex and earning on each transaction? Staking it appears to have your tokens locked for 12 months vs. the reward of providing liquidity and not having it locked.

  25. Thanks for the info! I’d love to put my melds stake there BUT I used a yoroi wallet during the iso…
    Basically I have to wait (and prey) until they support yoroi right? In less than 27 days preferably.

  26. that was a pleasant suprise! Using Yoroi, so I assume I woudl need to send the tokens to a Nami wallet prior to staking?

  27. What do we need with our Meld tokens? We can not transfer it to Nami or Sundaeswap? How can I transfer my Melt to Nami to stake what I already have? I do not need to buy anymore.

  28. Hey Peter thanks so much for the info, I checked my token balance yesterday on Daedalus yesterday really excited and saw I received both my Meld Token rewards and my NFT. I just sent 10 eld to my Nami wallet as a test and it worked although at first Daedalus suggested I cancel the transaction as it was taking a long time but it ended up going through anyway. Now my question is, can I send my NFT there as well? I’m more nervous about that one as it’s just one and if I mess up it’s just gone for ever. I imagine it’s the same process but man I’m scared haha! Th reason I want to send it is to be able to later mint the Bankless NFTs meld will be releasing and use it for it’s increased APY benefits. Would love your advice on this. Thank you!

  29. That’s a horrible APY in crypto… it’s not even APR. Yikes…. the risk/reward isn’t balanced for this space.

  30. I have a Meld Diamond Hands NFT #.2199 That was only gave to long holders of ipo and there was from what I heard only 4400 minted so its rare and sure to go up in value especially because it has use case for higher Apy% yield when held.. im willing to let it go for ada if price is right.. whats an NFT with lifetime use case that not only rare will pay for itself in no time.. let me know in comments …thanks

  31. Okay, so how and where do we claim these diamond hand nfts if we used Yoroi for the ISPO?

  32. Hi Pete, I’m already stake my MELD for 12 months, I want to add it up, how ? Can’t find any function to doing that…could you help ? tx a lot

  33. Hi. When I try to stake, I get the following error…”Transaction failed to create: Unexpected end of JSON input” Can you help?

  34. Hello Pete/All – I need help, new to this and stake my ADA for MELD using Daedalus wallet, Just open my wallet and there is a link for MELD TOKEN, the only option i have is send.. is that right? how can I get my token.. TIA

  35. Am I the only one getting the following error message every time I try to stake my MELD: MELD transaction failed to create: unexpected response from PAB stop after 25 retries: response status 500

  36. How come I didn’t get it?
    I don’t have it in my Yoroi wallet, or where can I find it ?

  37. Hey since the launch I haven’t been able to stake my coins. An error keeps popping up

  38. Thank you for the professional video. Very good information. I just looked in my wallet and a smile from ear to ear. 😀

  39. Hi Pete, can you do a video on how to stake your MELD from a Yoroi wallet.