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Meta (Facebook) Stock Leads The 2022 Stock Market Crash Lower/ Stock Market Today

Stock Market Today – NASDAQ Today – Meta Stock (Facebook Stock) is down 38% from its September high. Facebook is now the leader of the technology stock market crash of 2022. What is the future of technology stocks? Should you buy Facebook now? Is Facebook going lower? Investing For Beginners
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  1. Kerry recommended and bought Meta stock at $325. His tribe followed him with this buy-in and now lost a lot of money.

  2. the whole market is crazy …………, PayPal , FB —- down up to 20% and apple, google, amazon —– up up till 20%, this is crazy, it’s like the whole market is straggling B4 crush…………….. I’m getting out

  3. And not done yet. FB is going to suffer even more. GOOD. FB needs to go to zero

  4. Kerry, you do a great job, could u please get Jacob to give us an update on nlst! After all of the hype I think we deserve one! Thank you!

  5. The gross margin is more reasonable now, in $230 for FB, but Kerry picked two super stocks, SAVA @ $35, NLST @ $4

  6. Kerry it tanked due to guidance that’s the information you need to look at carefully, expected growth is 3-7%

  7. Not to be rude, but your thumbnails make you look dumb. You are mature, keep it classy. They will respect you more

  8. I prefer Snapchat. I don’t like Facebook. Their reputation is tarnished.

  9. I have heard that zuck got involved into politics and put a lot of money into a corrupt election and now having karma to deal with.

  10. I started researching Reality Labs. It’s amazing what they’re doing. Bought Meta on the dip.

  11. The all world of people know that FB controls American freedom of speach and mind and select what American can see and hear and watch during American selection of President. How evil of FB it is. How come American do not know that and still want to invest brain washing FB. FB will be disappeared in the coming future. Outside Amreica people do dislike FB that how evil it is. Let FB go BK in the coming future soon. DO NOT INVEST FB. STAY AWAY FROM FB.


  13. fb will bounce back.. Stellar balance sheet. FCF machine. Great management. what else do you want? we will bounce back to a trillion dollar company within two years easily

  14. Well. I’m not professional and get only 9 months of experience in the stock market. But what I learned in the last 9 months is… Stock market is like the shopping market. It means the peoples control it, means they buy or not buy, depend if they like the shirt or not. Meta is a shirt also. Psychology of peoples change by the time. The tendance of desire change by the time. It’s mean, one day they like very much and the other day, they change for something else. Compare with Apple, Amazon or microsoft, these revolution companies not stop to create new design of shirts what Facebook didn’t do. So what happen if you wear the same shirt for many years? You boring and want to change for something different. Amazon, Apple or Microsoft brings every year something different on the market that you don’t feel boring, but what Meta bring everything different ? I think it’s a reason the prevision of the new subcribers for 2022 drop radically. Because the competition also ? Yes. Why? Peoples want to get a new shirt so they are shopping new stores. Simple to understand. If Meta doesn’t bring new shirt soon, Meta will die for sure!!! So for fee months, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to buy Meta stock.

  15. That’s alot of nevertheless. Your great as always sir. Wish you were my grandfather and taught me all this when I was younger…

  16. Smart investors already knew that institutions own the majority of all these high flying tech stocks. Retail investors have no influence. Institutions will probably lower their exposure to FB going forward. The Meta part of FB is and will be a major money drain for decades. It’s similar to betting money on the many bio tech companies. Roll the dice. You can read all day and learn nothing more than what’s obvious. There’s always fear in the market. Interest rates are going higher, as they should. The fear? How much?

  17. I forgot to mention in my last comment the name of Google. For me, this tech company is the first one. Why? Bcs it’s change my life with their innovation in many fields.

  18. it requires money to make money this is the best secret I have ever heard we don’t make money we make multiple money

  19. Thanks Kerry! I love your teaching and videos. Is it possible to keep your video limit 12 minutes sessions? This should help you lots of contents too. Cheers!

  20. All these sociall media gurus including meet kevin found to be just shooting in the air. do your own due deligence or buy ETF to sleep peacefully.

  21. I never purchased Facebook and I sure wasn’t going to buy it after the Apple privacy settings change. I love Microsoft. That’s my safety stock and I think Microsoft will be a huge player in the “Metaverse” so I expect to see continued growth and additional revenue streams. To each their own, I guess.

  22. I’m a little skeptical about FB. TIKTOK and other social medias are getting more users and more popular. I personally like TT. Entertaining, Educational & Sexy women, hey I’m only human. Lol.

  23. It would be up again from 208.65 precisely. But stoploss would be 194.20 if anything goes wrong with present crisis on Russia and crude oil prices. But follow who is waiting here since long to re-enter or have an another opportunity. It’s my personal opinion. Best of regards Sir 🙏✔️🇮🇳

  24. that is why you need to look at charts and trends. bith nflx and meta are showing signs of slow down. i have not used any of meta applocation nor my family and freinds. where will the comapany go? i am also now skeptic of microsoft because of its wondow applicaton anf office 360 needing annual subsrciption. its cloud buiness has achoeved its pek so it is to be seen how high this stupid msft goes? there is sky ccieling to every thing except universe.

  25. I never believed in Facebook. The metaverse idea is old and already out there. Google and amazon are the real deal. The market got it right this time

  26. In my opinion, if you want to bet on the Metaverse, there’s better investmens to pick, such as NVDA, MSFT, GOOG, RBLX or ETH to name a few. More and more people are starting to hate FB and rightfully so, as it largely toxic to our society. Maybe the recent slight decrease in active users could be just the start of the downfall.

  27. No else has a platform like facebook. Old people, big companies, kids, government agencies, celebrities, and etc. all use facebook. Facebook is not going away.

  28. The Meta growth story is getting pushed out and less certain. In tech, the intrinsic value drops significantly as you go to the out years. Also the competition risk increases as growth gets pushed out. Meta rerated and the drop was appropriate. I don’t currently own it and will not get in at current levels. It’s not a broken stock. It’s a company seeing new challenges due to changed algorithms and a very fluid social network industry. It’s hard to stay on the Google side of tech trends. It’s easy to get pushed into the AOL lane.

  29. I got out of all stocks not paying dividends…. i not your financial advisor… Facebook is not popular anymore a $20 stock in the next 3 years

  30. Sounds like a carpenter trying to build a house with a plumbers tool box.

  31. The stock market has been a really tough one this past months , but I watched an interview on CNBC where the anchor kept mentioning ” … Mark Hutchinson … ” . This prompted me to get in touch with him , and from October 2021 till now we have been working together , and I can now boast of $ 740k in my trading portfolio .

  32. I understand your reasoning to drop TESLA and invest in health care. But not to include TESLA within your big 6 is a BIG mistake. Because you are dropping the biggest of the BIG 6.

  33. FB didn’t drop because we are in a major correction or a bear market. It dropped because its business plan to become Meta Platforms sucks.
    It isn’t going to help that a lot of government officials want to split it up. I don’t think that will happen, but it will hurt the stock.

  34. FB faces its Karma . Suppressing accounts that they don’t agree with politically will cost them . Other platforms may take a portion of their market . The drop is also helped by Apple restrictions of tracking users by FB . For the metaverse , FB faces many other Major competitors and it is not going to be profitable for years but will cost Billions in research and Dev .

  35. They said Apple iphones are protecting user identity preventing FB from using targeted advertising. This could hurt FBs advertising revenues.

  36. I am fearful that the metaverse will be built up by American companies but controlled by the Chinese. Data. Data. Data. He who has control of the data will have control of everything. If people only knew how much personal data is given by clicking on Google search, YouTube, ticktock, instagram, etc etc gaming.. they would not go online again

  37. By the way nice job selling Seeking Alpha. Nicely done not too obvious but left a good “you NEED” rionging in your ears. Nicely done!

  38. Stock market is a place where business should work hard for our investment to multiply, while we relax avoid continuously tracking our investment everyday, weekends, night, allow compounding to happen

  39. Tradingview doesn’t give any discounts with your link. Those are the regular prices.

  40. I know this is totally wrong, but I am sure I have Facebook in my 401k. I’m sure it is a great stock, but I am prejudiced because I think there is no redeeming value in Mark Zuckerberg. I hope to make it up somewhere else.

  41. I really never buy these all time sky high stocks at all. I regret not buying Apple, Microsoft way back in 2016 thinking they are high and they kept going high specify apple, Amazon Google, fb…i just made it a phycological barrier toward triggering all alone and always regretted as they kept pushing higher. With the metaverse hype, i don’t know how but i triggered a buy at FB, 15 shares before NYE. I am down by 1500 dollars on about 5500 dollars in FB. All those years i resisted, and just triggered it having enough of missing chances and FB crushes. Damnit how i can get over this!

  42. The market crashing is not the most fearsome part of the market. being able to buy stocks that are really going to pump well is the goal. Not all stock bought at dip are going to rise and in worst scenario it might dip more and you are left loss.