Metahero – 4th Quarter Path To The Pot Of Gold

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  1. It is huge haha. 7m x 6m the v3 Metascanner (already updated that on the website), the 2m one I think was the previous metascanner version. Thanks for the video Mikey! 🤟🏻

  2. Imagine when actual “quality games” that real gamers would play begin to use. As a gamer myself, these Tech Companies are clueless, they throw out these stupid trash games I wouldn’t have played in 1995 they made in 3 months, a succesful game takes about 2-3 years. Hopefully Metahero integrates with some major projects already established

  3. on next year we will have the football world cup, maybe could scan the player neymar, or cristiano ronaldo for maketing, really this will go to the moon

  4. Metahero will give us a lot of joy! And Thank you for putting subtitles in other languages. You will have many more subscribers. And before I forget. METAHERO LET’S GO WITH EVERYTHING!! GO BRAZIL GO CORINTHIANS!!

  5. 3 months ago first time I heard from Rob about methavers and now the CEO from Facebook read Meta going fully to metaverse , LOL no more question 😊 thanks Rob for your lifetime opportunity you are Tru visioner , to the moon and beond, by your own hero !

  6. Hey Mike I looked at my account for the first time since the bit of a sell off dubai weekend, there was $2680 and now last night I looked there seems to be more shares than I thought, maybe just me and $16427. Keep up the good work

  7. I bought a lot and i will hold for a long long Time. HERO TO THE MOON! ☝🏼

  8. Absolutely love your channel. Would love u start reviewing other Degen coins :-)

  9. Thanks for explaining for this who don’t understand, I hope you’ll get lots of subscriber because you have very good content on your channel and people have what to learn from you

  10. Was a big fan of Hero but it should have taken off over the last Month and it did not. Not a good sign. I think everything is priced in at this point. Furthermore, does anyone really think nobody will else will be making these scanners? Lastly, people do NOT want have avatars of themselves. They want avatars that are BETTER than themselves.

  11. This is a ripple vs xrp 2.0 the token will be disappointing save for tokenomics. Still, it my cloud but no moon….

  12. Imagine you go to an NFL game but in the metaverse or upload your character of your self in GTA 6 or Assassins Creed im all in on MetaHereo