In this video we discuss about MetaHero. I am personally invested into this coin and would like to spread my thoughts about it.

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0:00 – MetaHero News
3:53 – Technical Analysis

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  1. < I respect your content mate.. The overall Crypt0 market cap is currently hovering around $2 trillion. Spot market selling seems to have driven the cryptocurrency lower before triggering huge stop loss in the derivative markets. So far an upwards of 4000 BTC was sold that pushed the market abruptly down. 1,500 BTC alone was sold in less than a minute at the time of the drop.” Data tracked by Coinglass shows the price drop has triggered nearly $600 million worth of bitcoin futures positions in less than an hour. The market appeared over leveraged earlier this week with open interest (OI) elevated in bitcoin terms... More emphasis should be put into day tradiing as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market.I have made over 14 btc with a start capital of 0.9btc frm day tradn with Mr Travis lok insights and signals..@ Vlok77…on TELEGRAM ..He's very accurate and always yields a great positive return on investment......!!!

  2. *I’m glad trading and making profit seems now, it’s amazing I have been profiting &19,000 from my $8,500 investment every 14 business days😊😊*

  3. stup1d shameless fkcn ceo, plugging their shit amidst the bitmart catastrophe. your holders should leave you

    joining the cause of unfollowing ytbers who promote this dck’s company. FKC U rob gryn

  4. Meta (Facebook) doesn’t bother me at all, this is the difference between centralised metaverse and a decentralised metaverse. If you want everything you do tracked and logged, including any money you make in the metaverse then go for Zuckerbergs version.

  5. you also need to understand how many people absolutely hate FB…..also nobodies info will be protected with Meta which is a scary thing.

  6. Because of what the CEO said about Safemoon I sold ALL my Metahero and bought Safemoon with ALL my gains. Now sitting on a Safemoon Bag of over 14,000,000,000. Perhaps I will be back when the CEO of META HERO changes his way of thinking and apologize for what he said. Good riddance

  7. I think the game companies are gamifying the concept of NFTs. Who doesn’t want to earn while playing a game? What is your view on the project called Ertha? Do you think it is worth buying the lands there?

  8. I think they might be faced with IP infringement from Cappasity (CAPP) since it already patented the body scan technology before MetaHero and their scanning partner Wolf Studios.