This video is about an extraordinary crypto project called Metahero. If you are interested, check out their website and do your own research. Nothing i say is financial advice.




#metahero #HERO #BeYourOwnHero


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  1. Tellem bro diamond hands here we need the paper hands to leave and new investors to buy in 🚀🌙

  2. My mom told me to take profits 📈 at .17$ , but iam am ediot.
    Mom’s are always right.

  3. Thank you!!!! I can’t stand impatience. People think they’re just going to get rich doing nothing. Crazy annoying.

  4. This a great first video. Keep it going. Thanks for the great information.

  5. I’ll watch this video in 10years time, and i want to see how many people cry, they didn’t invest in metahero. Hey Mar dee you are spot on

  6. Hi Mar and thank you for your clever comments. Nowadays feature which disappears among people is patience. Rob said clearly, don’t look at the chart every day!!!

  7. In my opinion Metahero is nothing new. They don’t have innovating sollution. Look at Senso ! They make the same but with most famous people like david guetta.
    In Poland Robert as now as Codewise CO, but also have the dark side of some scams. I don’t trust metahero. They don’t have any pattent .

  8. Could you please watch the language? :) Overall good message. Thanks.