Metahero Is Not Dead!!

Is this the end for Metahero or is it just the beginning of a miraculous
bounce back up?

Tell me what you think and leave a comment down below.

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  1. How does putting out a video with a scary click bait title during a major dip supposed to help the Metahero community or it’s price. You did us all a disservice by naming the video “is hero dead?”, what is the logic in that ? You just scare holders into selling which kills price. It doesn’t matter what you say in the video with a title like that. You’ve just lost all support from us.

  2. GTFO bringing down $HERO with scammy named videos. Your play count is more important to you than your teammates ? Everyone on Telegram is calling you a traitor and they are right. Unsubscribed.

  3. Rob looked and sounded VERY excited in his latest YouTube video. Calm before the storm mate!!!

  4. so the first person is a two time freestyle football champ, 2nd one is an admin from the telegram who also does some graphic design from what I can tell.

  5. Hero isnt died
    Metehero created polish businessman who sold his previous business for 36 milions usd that is so impressive, he knows how to do a solid, perspective bussines ;) HODL AND BE DURABLE

  6. It’s not matter of weeks or months. It’s massivly huuuge project but longterm. If price will go really low it’ll be great! I will buy more! ✊🤙