Metahero – KUCOIN can’t keep a secret…it’s out of the bag! BUT… What does it mean…good/bad?

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  1. Please, respectfully. Lose the intro music. It just makes the channel seem teenagerish. Mad respect for you man, the music just makes the videos seem infantile.

  2. Lol! Awesome video my man. For your intros I think you Can use some pretty awesome free software my man. Might I direct you to Think Media’s video on Free YouTube into maker for beginners, he’s got some pretty cool easy and quick tips.

    Always a pleasure my friend! Thanks mate.

  3. You are so little on You Tube but you are one of my favourites. I love your comments and the music is fantastic! Please, keep going! 😃✊

  4. Intro is 1:24 long. Cmon man we ain’t got time for that. No hate tho all good

  5. Your right accessibility is everything!! Kucoin is legit keep getting us listed as much as possible

  6. Who else is starting to doubt this project. I understand it’s new and all, but this thing doesn’t move but down, even with a tier 1 listing, and the The airdrop was a joke, we hear less and less from Rob The Summit video was lame..I own ALOT OF HERO. Over 250,000 tokens. Throw us a Bone Rob. And stop catering to the Elite.