MetaHero MASSIVE Annoucement + EverDome Presale [SUPER URGENT!]

In today’s video we break down Metahero and go over Everdome Presale!

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  1. Hello brother im from india and new to crypto.. is it right time to buy meta or should i wait?

  2. So when Everdome gets released and the Everdome coin comes out.
    Don’t you think theres going to be more people buying everdome than hero..?
    Idk… nice video tho

  3. imagine all the Pornstars join in and you can litteraly be in a huge orgy , Hahaha.

  4. Hi. Will my Hero tokens in Trust Wallet be part of the snapshot or do I have to move it somewhere to be in the snapshot?

  5. project that will revolutionize the metaverse matahero the future metaverse, let’s go hero

  6. How do we buy everdome? I have over 900,000 meta. Can’t figure out where to get it

  7. Nie rozumiem, jak ktoś ma powyzej 10 000 Hero to moze wziąc udział w przedsprzedazy i dostanie 1 slot czy moze wtedy kupic maksymalnie 1 slot?

  8. theres more bullish reasons then the game extentions imo, pixel games are big time popular, more than realism, ie. minecraft, world of warcraft, diablo 2 (active users for 20 years), runescape, ect ect and look how cyberpunk flopped, and many other realism games, I’m bullish on everdome, but not for game reasons, I hold 103k hero but not really for games lol

  9. partnership with bitciy? if you watched the video he said it was a paid promotion -__ yikes man

  10. If $Hero is the currency for all things in the metaverse (NFT’s, Property, Etc) what will the everdome currency even be used for? Please respond.

  11. So quick question. I just wanted to make sure. So EVERYONE that is a holder of Hero at the time of the snapshot is available for the presale and not just the ones that have 10,000+ coins or is the presale participation ONLY allowed for people who hold 10,000+ Hero?

  12. People will access the metaverse for anything you can imagine. You’ll be able to access stores, choose your products, tap on those products and buy them… all in the metaverse!!!!

  13. hi 1 slot means how much we can buy? or we have to compete to buy.. sorry i havent participate in any ico before

  14. Meta Hero (HERO) and Render (RNDR) because this hyper-realistic metaverse needs flexible on demand computational power.

  15. I believe hero token will be governance token, and overdome token will be the utility token in the games, it’s like star atlas, they have polis and atlas token

  16. Seriously I see this above $20 in few years once METAVERSE kicks in banggg this will be top 10 crypto to buy :o look what happene to MANA and SAND but this is actually bigger!

  17. Nice report there. Didn’t know much about Metahero, added a very small bag of it to my portfolio just now :) .. just one small tip bro, you could easily crank up the volume +25% here. Keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll hit 5k subs and beyond in no time.

  18. so 10,000 gero for one spot, can i add several metamask accounts and buy 10,000 hero with each?